Blending or Juicing is one Better than the Other?

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This is an interesting subject to so many of us.

What are the differences between blending and juicing and is one better than the other?

I will just be sharing my opinion here based on years of experimentation + research.

In this way I feel have qualified myself to answer this question.

So the Juicing/Smoothie Conundrum, what to do?

First Rule of Thumb:

1. What is your intention?

Figure out what your goal is.

What are you wanting to achieve/receive with either of these methods?

Are you wanting weight loss? To be free from an illness? To have a deeper spiritual connection?

To get rid of wrinkles and look ten years younger?

Both juicing and blending can be great for all of the above, however you will need to ask yourself what make sense for you: juicing, blending or a combination of the two!

For example: If you are looking to reverse aging you might look into juicing loads of green plants and also blending your dinner meal to give your body the energy it needs to repair and work on creating a more radiant you.


2. In either situation make sure what you are juicing or blending is worthy of your body.

So what does this mean?

It means shop local, shop organic, support the farmers and get produce that is not more than a few states a way, preferably your bio-dynamic backyard:)

This makes a difference in freshness, quality and what nutrients you are getting.

I do my best in this area too. I don’t currently grow much of my own food, but I do have access to two local, community gardens, friends that grow foods and quality organic food stores near by. Do your best!

And Third:

3. Keep it Simple.

Smoothies or juices don’t necessarily have to be complicated to be good for you, but they do need to be simple enough that you will come back to it day in and day out so that you will actually take action, gather the produce from your local source, and make your drink each day.

Key Note: Remember to use 70% green plant matter and the rest fruit or vegetable.  70% Greens + Vegetable or Fruit = Juice or Smoothie Perfection.

Upgrade Later: Later you might ask yourself how could I upgrade my drink?

This might come to you as adding a super food powder or learning how to work with tonic herbs creating hot elixirs that satisfy the palate and the organs/glands.

But for Now we are going to cover the basics and go over why we might Juice or Blend.

Juicing is a way to extract plant material so that the enzymes, minerals and nutrients are readily absorb-able in a liquid form.

Most anyone could digest juice with ease and so in many natural clinics around the world they use juice as a means to nourish the cells.

It can be very helpful when the body is going through a challenge because it takes little or no effort from the body to digest. And so the energy it has can be geared toward mending what needs mending.

You could juice daily as a way to start your day, juice for a few days straight to take a break from solid food or do an extended fast to cleanse or heal the body in some way.

From my own personal experience juicing made me feel hydrated and like my cells were getting a good washing.

Just as we externally wash our bodies, skin brush and keep ourselves tidy our insides could also use a bit of cleansing and scrubbing.

Juicing also floods the body with enzymes and nutrients. I also have felt a sense of deep peace as I went into an extended fast.

I had more spiritual energy and more compassion for myself and others.

Key Note: Take care to juice as much vegetable and plant matter as opposed to loads of fruits.

This can exacerbate conditions associated with Candida. Keep it light on the fruit and use green apples or tart fruits when available.

It is a wonder how our fruit supply has turned into a hybridized, sugar bomb:) So, find some wild fruit that is more tart or find fruits that have non been hybridized and you will be on your way! 3 Cheers for Wild Fruit!

Now what about Smoothies, Blender Drinks and even Super Food Ice cream Created in the Blender, my favorite:)?

Sometimes that is all I choose to eat, blended creations. I have zillions of wonderful recipes for making all kinds of things.  You don’t feel deprived like you can feel on juices sometimes and you get to enjoy a Wonder of different flavor profiles.

The Benefits are that you are not only getting liquid nutrition, making it quite easy for the body to assimilate.

But you are adding in the fiber which can work as a broom sweeping and mopping up the toxins that may be stored in the body.

I LOVE blender drinks/smoothies/sauces/dressings/dips/soups and yes even ice cream.

Another asset is you can add in super food powders that make these creations even more off the charts amazing!

A Word about Fiber: Fiber is crucial in this day and age. With the amount of chemical toxins in the air fiber is a super hero when it comes to moving the excess stuff out of our body including estrogen like compounds from plasticizers and the like.

So, really it depends on what your aim goal is. Juicing can be a huge benefit to wash and cleanse the cells.  A feeling of hydration and waste elimination will often be activated.  It can promote a youthful glow and a radiance in your being.

Blender creations give you more options to create versatile meals while offering easier digestion than solid foods. We allow the blender to masticate plants for us and our cells can take in the nutrients easier.

A word about Nutrients and Our Bodies: I find it is good to remember we are nourished not only from physical foods but from spiritual foods.

How are you nourishing your soul’s cells? Do you have a spiritual practice each day?

And are you receiving each time you sit down to enjoy your juice/smoothie?

Do you actually allow your stomach to relax and the rest of your body, including your jaw, shoulders etc?

This opens up the body to receive.

Most of us forget to receive life.

Let’s receive our nourishment with a whole heart and from the source of which we came. Allow your body to receive the goodness.

Do check out the recipe section for juice and blender creations!  Yay!  What do you love about juicing/blending? Share and Comment below!

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