Best Ramen Broth Herbs and Spices to Boost Immunity

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why adding immune-boosting herbs and spices to your ramen broth is a great idea.

Ramen broth is an immune boosting food and loved by people around the world. One of the things that makes it so delicious is the flavorful broth.

Broth has been considered a healing food for ages. Think back to the days your mom made you a bowl of chicken soup. It was good for your body but for the soul too. 

Broth provides minerals, vitamins, and in some cases collagen.

It can be assist us to heal our stomach lining, provide nutrients when we need to stay away from solid food and provide warmth and antioxidants when we most need them.

But how about taking your ramen broth to the next level by adding certain herbs and spices.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top herbs and spices that are known for their immune-boosting properties and how you can incorporate them into your ramen broth.

Whether you’re looking to stay healthy during the winter season or simply want to add an extra layer of nutrition any time of the year, these immune-boosting ramen broth ideas are sure to take your health up a notch.

homeopathic herbs

The benefits of immune-boosting herbs and spices:

Adding potent herbs and spices to your ramen broth and foods in general will give you an edge to stay disease-resistant and lessen the time you are down for the count, so to speak.

  • The herbs and spices I am mentioning typically have a history of helping your own immune system do its innate job better.

  • The compounds in these herbs and spices can help to inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria, which can help to protect against illness. Remember that your entire lifestyle helps keep the bad bacteria at bay.

  • These herbs and spices keep the inflammation down and in turn lessens your chances for disease.

  •  The best part is besides helping the immune system alot of these herbs and spices have dual benefits and uses for example, longevity, stamina, artery cleanser, improve your digestion and protect yourself from stressors.

The best herbs and spices for immune boosting ramen broth

Natural herbal medicine

Specific herbs can be incorporated into ramen broth to give it an extra boost of nutrition and make it more flavorful.

I like these for their overall flavor profiles as well as immune enhancing benefits. 

Here are a few examples:


Ginger is one of my all time favorite spices. It’s most noteworthy for aiding circulation and easing an upset stomach. Many also tout it as an analgesic.

  • It contains compounds that can significantly reduce inflammation and may have antiviral and antibacterial effects.
    • May help to reduce nausea: Ginger has been time tested to help ease nausea and vomiting. It is truly amazing what a simple tea of ginger root can do.
    • It may be  useful for people who deal with motion sickness or morning sickness when pregnant.
    •  Digestion can be enhanced by adding ginger because it is warming, helps circulation and move things along in your digestive system. Digesting food completely is important so that we keep the system clean and nourished.
    • Some studies have suggested that ginger may help to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels, which may be beneficial for heart health.
    • Ginger has been known to help with getting rid of mutated cells through the process of apoptosis. 

    It’s important to note that while these foods may be potential health allies, it is not a replacement for medical treatment and should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Turmeric is a spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to ease inflammation in the body.

  • This is mainly due to the curcumin present in Turmeric and it is what gives it that bright, rich, orange color.

We see Doctor’s use turmeric in arthritic formulas to ease inflammation and to treat fungal overgrowth in the gut. For example SIBO or SIFO.

I have also touched in other articles of how turmeric is a way to increase the absorption and health of your savory foods in this article here.

  • It can help protect your DNA from being damaged from radiation exposure.
  • Turmeric is potent in fighting off tumors and cancer cells.

  • It is great for brain health, including aiding memory and reducing the risk of neuro-degenerative diseases.

Garlic is a top spice when it comes to an immune boosting ramen broth. The main anti-viral component in garlic allicin. The allicin is what gives it that potent fragrance. Intuitively you can sense it has powerful properties.

  • It can potentially be anti-fungal and bacterial which is very important to keep your immune system strong and healthy.
  • It has been known to help with plaque build up in the arteries which is known as atherosclerosis. This sticky substance can lead to major issues like high blood pressure and heart attacks.
  • H Pylori and Ecoli are bad bacterias that are rampant today and garlic has the ability to squash these types of organisms.
  • Incorporating garlic into your ramen broth can help to lessen an illness or work as a preventative in safe guarding your health.
Raw Green Organic Oregano

Oregano is one of my top herbs for an immune boost in ramen broth and other savory soup recipes. I especially love wild P73 Oregano but getting fresh oregano from your local market is fantastic too.

  • It has anti-oxidants to quench free radicals and protect the cells from damage. In fact its anti-oxidant potential is off the charts. This is important since we are bombarded with oxidants from all angles in our modern world.
  • It can be helpful in the case of upper respiratory infections both soothing for inflamed lungs and work as an expectorant to reduce mucus.
  • May help to lessen chances of food poisoning. If you eat a ramen broth from somewhere other than home, be sure to ask for oregano to lessen any bad microbes. Or consider taking an extract with you when you travel like this. 
  • Potent for sinus infections to clear up the nasal cavity and inhibit fungal or viral growth.
  • Potential to help protect you from modern day illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Remember when it comes to oregano look for wild sources when you buy it in supplement form. For ramen broth I simply use some fresh herbs from the garden.

Rosemary herbal

Rosemary: Rosemary is helpful in easing inflammation in the brain.

It can be helpful in memory improvement and keeping an up full mood.

  • Pain relief
  • Calm stress levels so you can feel more relaxed
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Keep bad bacteria and viruses at bay
  • Protect your Brain from inflammation

Over all rosemary really helps to increase your mood and vibe. It can protect your brain from inflammation and lessen mood disturbances.

gathered foraged sliced pieces chaga mushroom birch tree fungus brewing medicinal tea in kid hands

Medicinal Mushrooms to add to Your Ramen Broth for an Immunity Boost

Chaga is like the king of the medicinal mushrooms. You can learn more about Chaga and how to make the tea in my post here.

I like to add this to my ramen broth for an immune system reboot as well as a grounding component.

It adds richness, flavor and brings elite health to the user. It’s like a cloak or shield to our immune system.

  •  It has a natural strengthening component to increase stamina and energy without taking in caffeine.

  • Chaga helps get rid of parasites and cleanse the colon. 

  • It potentially could reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease due to its high orac value and anti-oxidant potential to the human body.

  • Protects us from stress with its rich B vitamin content.

  • Live longer with Chaga as it contains a plethora of Super Oxide Dismutase – the antioxidant enzyme that is in the turtle the longest living creature!
Japanese traditional Ramen soup bowl with chicken and shiitake mushrooms
Japanese traditional Ramen soup bowl with  shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are a type of edible mushroom that is native to East Asia.

Especially in winter I love that mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D. If you are not getting enough sun exposure eating Vitamin D rich Shiitake mushrooms can help you get your daily does. 

Vitamin D is crucial to a healthy disease resistant immune system.

They also have beta glucans that are helpful to increase your Natural Killer cells or lymphocytes to go after foreign substances in your body. 

Here are a few other examples of how shiitake mushrooms may support immune system health:

  • Unlike button mushrooms medicinal shiitake mushrooms do not cause candida or fungal growth, in fact they help get rid of such fungus.
  • These mushrooms help to enhance the immune system and keep viruses away with their beta glucan compounds.

  • High in copper they help neutralize bad bacteria and boost your own immunity.
  • High in Selenium they can help detox heavy metals.
  • The lentinan in Shiitake mushrooms can help in repairing damage to the cells after radiation exposure.

You can simply clean and sauté the shiitake mushrooms and add these to your ramen broth.

They will amplify your immune system and give you a savory, light protein that is easy to digest and full of texture.

When you sauté them you can add a seasoning you want them to take on. For a meaty flavor add in the rosemary and sage herbs.

Ramen Broth Immune Boosting Recipe Ideas

Ramen Soup in Bowl. Rich flavour chicken broth with Miso paste, grilled teriyaki chicken, leeks

Here are a few simple recipe ideas for incorporating immune-boosting herbs and spices into your ramen broth:

  1. Ginger Mushroom Ramen: To make this recipe, start by sautéing sliced shiitake mushrooms in a pot with some avocado oil until it is cooked through.

    Then, add sliced ginger and minced garlic to the pot and sauté for a few more minutes.

    Next, add your favorite broth, adding a bone broth can help with getting a dose of collagen, you can add a vegetable broth for a dose of vitamins and minerals, then add coconut aminos in place of soy sauce for a healthier twist, and your choice of vegetables (such as sliced bok choy & broccoli ) to the pot.

    Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

    Finally, add kelp noodles, glass noodles or your favorite  ramen noodles and any additional seasonings (such as chives or green onions) to the pot and serve hot.

  2. Turmeric Vegetable Ramen: To make this recipe, start by sautéing diced vegetables (such as bell peppers, onions, and bok choy) in a pot with some avocado oil until they are tender.

    Then, add minced garlic and a pinch of turmeric to the pot and sauté for a few more minutes.

    Next, add vegetable broth and any additional seasonings (such as coconut aminos or sesame oil) to the pot and bring the mixture to a boil.

    Finally, add cooked ramen noodles (my favorite is kelp or glass b/c I like it low carb and gluten free) to the pot and simmer for a few more minutes before serving.

  3. Miso Chaga Ramen: To make this recipe, start by  brewing a pot of chaga tea using a few chaga chunks and filtered water.

    Then take your favorite miso paste and mix with your broth of choice. Add the steeped strained chaga to the broth.

    Add in your favorite leafy greens like bok choy, or for something hearty try pasture raised eggs and marinated shiitake mushrooms.

Spices and oil on table

Recap Immune Boosting Herbs in Ramen Broth

To recap adding immune-boosting herbs and spices to your ramen broth is an empowering and potent way to boost the nutrition of your favorite comfort food and take responsibility for your own health.

There are many natural and wild herbs and spices that are known for their immune-boosting properties, including ginger, turmeric, garlic, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

Of course I love adding in medicinal mushrooms for an added layer of protection. I even like to keep the wild oregano supplement on hand as needed.

These herbs and spices can be easily incorporated into your ramen broth by adding them to the broth as it simmers or by using them as a seasoning for your mushrooms or kelp noodles.

Incorporating immune-boosting herbs and spices into your ramen broth is a tasty and convenient way to support your immune system and overall health.

Whether you’re looking to stay healthy during the winter season when vitamin D levels are typically low or simply want to add an extra layer of protection to your immune system these ramen broth ideas are sure to take it to the next level.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and will consider trying out some of these immune-boosting herbs and spices in your own ramen broth.

May your immune system be enhanced and life force upgraded by these ramen broth immune boosting food tips. 

Consider a ramen bowl set to make your healing broth that much better.

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