How To Seal The Matrix of Your Food – Bob Marshall

bob marshall seal the matrix

How To Seal The Matrix of Your Food - Bob Marshall

bob marshall seal the matrix

Bob Marshall taught me how to seal the matrix of food and drink.

His company quantum nutrition labs was instrumental at assisting me with understanding the frequency and vibration of our foods. 

I studied in Santa Monica CA at his school to learn Quantum Reflex Analysis. At Quantum Nutrition Lab we learned how to mud pack in order to detox the body and open the channels, we learned how to effectively do a liver gall bladder cleanse and how to get rid of frequency imprints from things like air port scanners, digital thermometers and grocery store scanners.

Buying goods
Buying goods

In this post I will share with you ways to seal the matrix of your food as taught by the late great Dr. Bob Marshall.

What does it mean to Seal the Matrix of Your Food?

 When your body receives food or drink it may or may not agree with some or all parts of your body. For example you can test certain foods with Q.R.A (quantum reflex analysis) to see if your kidneys will be happy to take in that food.

This also works with supplements. You can test supplements before taking them with the use of advanced kinesiology.

Sealing the matrix of your food essentially means that it will allow the body to more easily accept the food when you add this substance to it. 

This is important because your body will have more energy and be more resilient if each organ is strong during consumption.

When organs go weak due to our food choices it can cause issues within our body.

I will share two main ingredients that are very helpful at sealing the matrix of your food.

Two Ingredients Bob Marshall Suggested

These two spices were key in sealing the matrix. They are cinnamon and turmeric.

These two spices are key to have in any upgraded cosmic kitchen.

When we test foods and then add one of these substances often times it will allow the body to test very strong for the food.

Cinnamon powder with cinnamon bark on wooden background
Cinnamon powder with cinnamon bark on wooden background

Cinnamon helps us stabilize blood sugar, which is key for diabetics but also those wanting to stabilize glucose through out the day.

This should be important to anyone wanting to heave true health. With stable glucose you help the body to function with strength and vitality and you lessen oxidation of your cells.

Indian turmeric powder. Turmeric spice. Ground turmeric
Indian turmeric powder. Turmeric spice. Ground turmeric

Turmeric is another key player because it really reduces inflammation in our body tissues.

It can help with gut health as well by lessening inflammation and getting rid of fungal over growth. 

Both these spices lend to better digestion, absorption and protection. 

Pre-signaturize Your Food

Giving the body a heads up before you consume a food is like a pre-signature code you can give it by slowly introducing the food or drink to your palate. 

This activates the enzymes required for your body to get ready to digest this item.

Eating and drinking can be done with more awareness in order to better digest and for the body to take in whatever you are consuming.

Eating with awareness instead of while watching television, driving or other things that effect the nervous system negatively is important to optimize the bodies intake of our foods and drinks.

Dessert Superfood Recipe 

In this recipe you can use both turmeric and cinnamon for a very tasty treat.


  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 tsp  Cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup my favorite Ghee of all time
  • 1/2 cup Tahini
  • Stevia or Monk Fruit to taste
  • Dash Sea Salt 
  • Alcohol free vanilla extract
  • Optional add Sprouted Buckwheat for crunch/protein
  • Optional Upgrade Tocotrienols or Collagen Powder added nutrition
  • Silicone Mold Tray

Melt down the Ghee. In a bowl add your tahini.

Next add the sweetener, salt, vanilla and powders to the melted ghee. 

After well combined add in the sprouted buckwheat.

Fill the molds and leave in freezer for an hour to set.

Enjoy these healing nuggets!

Other Ways to Enhance Food

In today’s modern world we are bombarded with less than optimal frequencies in food. 

If you go to a restaurant what about the vibes they put into the food? 

How are you to know the state one was in when they make the food? 

Or is the food full of glyphosate? Hopefully you eat an organic diet to mostly avoid that frequency.

But you can get an earthing card and wave it over your foods.  I don’t have an affiliation with the company but I use it myself.

I wear it around my neck and wave it over foods I prepare or when I am out traveling over drinks, foods etc.

This will harmonize and enhance the energy of the food before you consume it.

Upgrade Your Food & Drink With Prayer

Last but certainly not least you can seal the matrix of your food with using your own healing hands and spoken word!

It is free and it is real. Putting love and healing energy from your own heart is by far the most important when it comes to making foods and drinks.

The more we realize we are frequency specific beings and energy and vibration is what we are we can be more diligent about what we put out and what we put in us.

What is your feeling on sealing the matrix of foods and drinks? 

How do you feel this is best achieved?

As always thank you for stopping by the Sacred Backyard.


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