The Best Egg Sandwich Ever

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This just came together today. Today was the first snowfall of the season here nestled in the Trinity Mountains along the Upper Sacramento River. I found myself making the beset egg sandwich ever and I really hope you get all the ingredients to make it just like this.  Here goes…..x

2 pasture raised eggs

3 or 4 Slices of a large Sweet Potato


Tomato slices

Primal Mayo

Organic Pickles w/ Apple cider vinegar sliced or Rejuvenative Foods Fermented Pickles

Coconut oil for making eggs

Premier Pink Salt

First slice the sweet potato and put in the oven w/ coconut oil and salt at about 300 or 325 for around 15-20 minutes.

Once these are done arrange on your plate putting largest slice down first. Add mayo on top, pickles, tomato and then top with your lightly cooked sunny side up eggs in coconut oil. It seriously is such an epic twist on a breakfast sandwich. I make mine open faced so two slices of sweet potato then each gets one egg.  For the third sweet potato just make it with the other toppings. Perfection!

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