Being Trapped in The Matrix and How To Escape

Trapped in the matrix

What does it mean to be trapped in the matrix and how can one escape if they so choose?

Although many of us think and feel like we are trapped in a circumstance or situation in reality we can leave that cage or situation at any time by freeing the mind from the belief we are trapped and unsafe.

The ego believes it is trapped and so continues suffering with the perpetual thoughts of lack, helplessness and sorrow. It is almost like there is an invisible box around one, holding them in a locked pattern that typically has been embedded into the psyche for years and maybe even decades.

When the consciousness is locked into the ego’s perspective it will be hard to ever pull one’s self out of the matrix. Today we are programmed from many places to believe we are just this “body”.

But what if one begins to awaken to the Grand Movie at play and realizes who they truly are? A spiritual being, that is unlimited and free. A being that is held and supported, and has no beginning and no end.

Then the game begins to change and the soul consciousness of that being begins to pierce through the built mirror or illusion of the invisible cage.

The world takes on a whole new look and feel and life begins to mirror the truth of freedom, health, wealth and abundance.

Take time to sit with yourself in meditation or try a guided meditation to help you move into the reality you desire. You can leave being trapped in the matrix behind, it is your choice.

The truth is we are all trapped in ego consciousness on some level or another. But if we look at this as an opportunity to wake up to who we truly are we can move forward and into a new reality that supports our true nature.

When we meditate and connect with our oneness to all things, when we have a deep connection with the Spiritual Source of where we came from, when we tune into our ancestors and send love and blessings we literally change our reality and we gain power from the Ultimate Being.

Forgiveness and self love are keys to this transformation as well. We need to love and accept ourselves just as we are in this moment, so that we can unfold into the best version of ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves and others, we can let go of the past wounds and we need to ask for forgiveness in our ancestral lineage so that we no longer play out the karmic wounds of all those that came before us.

Once we keep up a daily practice these psychic wounds, beliefs and attitudes can be laid to rest. A deep surrender and openess to expand into whom we really are will become our greatest asset and empowerment in this life.

So are you ready to become free of the matrix trap? Each soul is on this mission whether one knows it or not. The soul’s greatest yearning is to feel free and it is much easier when we surrender to the Ultimate Being and let go of our idea of how it is supposed to play out.

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