Activate Your Purpose Filled Life.

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Have you ever wondered how or what could bring you to truly and fully achieve freedom and attainment of all things you desire?

We can look outside ourselves all we want, until we are blue in the face quite frankly.

When will we realize we are the one’s we have been waiting for?

The ego may not want to hear this, but in truth we are the one’s we have been awaiting, we are the souls, the points of light, the Angels…its a matter of listening, tuning in and going deep within.

Most are not up for the challenge, but I believe that if you are reading this you probably are ready to break free of the suffering and move onward, upward and inward to resolve the blocks and see reality for what it really is.

It’s sad to think people choose death before their natural time of moving forward into the soul’s eternal home.

Some choose it deliberately taking their life and others utilize drugs, some utilize foods and other addictions to ease the pain & even others starve themselves to ease the pain.

This deep pain is an outer reflection of the state of our world.

The truth is that taking your own life in whatever form will not free ourselves. You are an ever living soul here sent from the light.

You are a resident of the Supreme Abode and the way out is thru purification with the One.

You came to claim your birthright and see this world in wonder.

You chose to come here to wake up, embody the attainment of all things and serve as the light you always have been.

As we remember to be the detached observer in our life, always connected to the Supreme Being we will activate our purpose filled life with grace. 

The physical body is an instrument for the soul to complete its mission, therefore its important for it to be running optimally.

Some are not ready in this lifetime so they come back again and again to wake up and have the courage to be the light.

Whatever it is health, wealth, love, power…it is achieved once we master our self image & cultivate an intimate relation with Source.

We then have full dominion over our physical form.

Most people are asleep, if the third eye is shut down the world is and can be a dark place.

The only way out is to confront the ego self and expose it with the light of your consciousness.

When we admit that our Ego has been attached to suffering we open it up to be reconciled.

Keep a notepad with you through out the day and recognize when this is happening.

Open up to the light. Any form of sabotage to yourself or another is a judgement and keeps you locked in the low vibrational states that most of the world runs on.

Don’t be hard on yourself, just move forward. It is what it is.

One of the most profound things you can do to activate your third eye  (also known as the intellect of the soul) & cultivate your relation with The Supreme Being of God in order to fulfill your dharma is to meditate.

Meditate in the stillness of your being, connect with the divine source that is their as your companion constantly and consistently radiating nothing but love, peace, bliss and abundance.

Plug in to the source because that is always where we get our answers.

There is nothing outside of this connection that is more powerful in creating a wonder filled life.

We Are All Actors, Kings, Queens of our Own Domain.

We are actor’s on the big stage here in life. Distractions are among us in all ways. It is up to us to focus, be the captain of our own ship the King or Queen of our own dominion. Let go and surrender to the Source from which you came. Expose the ego, accept it for what it is.

Let’s admit we fall short sometimes by thinking, acting and saying things that feed the ego.  To end suffering we must admit this and then wake up from our slumber.  We are reflections and our world is a state of our own consciousness.

Let’s take responsibility and also recognize we are all points of light, we are souls.

See this in your daily actions. Instead of judging others even looking, talking or thinking of others recognize them all and yourself as a star of light.

Take time to listen to high vibrational music like classical music. Listen to meditation with binaural beats, write letters to source/god/the infinite so that your connection becomes one of power and beauty.

The only way to supercharge your soul and gain power in this life is to have such an unwavering connection to source and steadfast faith in the attainment of this freedom.

A courageous soul fears no one or thing it holds a feeling of nizchay or certainty  in the power of the Supreme Connection because daily it plugs in in order to receive guidance on all things.

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