A Powerful Way to Upgrade Your Thought Patterns

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Is there a way to upgrade your thought patterns that is relatively easy to anchor in?

What could this do for you and your life?

It has been said, life is all about perception.

If this is true then learning ways to upgrade your thought patterns through the limbic system could greatly enhance your life.

First we need to go over some of the basics of the brain and understand the limbic system.

Your Limbic System & Your Thought Patterns

The Limbic system is the set of brain structures on the left and right side of your brain that helps to regulate, behavior, emotions, and motivation to act in certain ways.

The power to identify a cross-wired limbic system or one that is malfunctioning is a grand gateway into unpacking held emotions, mental and even physical trauma which then can reboot your limbic system.

When your limbic system is over-reactive and/or cross-wired it can cause a negative loop or pattern to occur in your life.

Be it a thought pattern, an addiction or a physical ailment.

Recognize the Thought Patterns

In order to bring harmony to the limbic system, we need to recognize the pattern is there.

Someone might have an addiction to a drug or someone might have an emotional thought pattern loop that seems to come up all of the time.

thought patterns

It may have stemmed back from an event that has long past and gone but the hard wiring of the thought processes has created a strong connection in the brain.

When we reinforce thoughts they become a strong place for our minds to easily wonder.

Be it a pain in the body or emotional suffering this is getting to the root of the disease.

When we apply awareness, a willingness to change and a new thought pattern to refresh the pattern we make lasting change.

The re-wire is fine-tuned by our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Now the old pattern becomes short-circuited and we reboot with a clean, clear pathway giving us a fresh outlook and healed mind or body.

This can take up to 6 months so be patient.

It took years to embed the old one in but your efforts will be rewarded with a new life.

We can be gentle to ourselves when addressing these issues but we need to be disciplined and willing to catch ourselves during these addictions of negative loops and use a set of actions to begin retraining ourselves.

Neuro-plasticity & Upgrading Your Thought Patterns

The brain is malleable and willing to do what you tell it to do.

You have likely heard of the term neuro-plasticity.  Neuro-plasticity means the brain has the ability to change throughout your life.

It depends on what you feed it with!

A masterful individual looks at all aspects of the self and learns to control the emotions just as we discipline ourselves in other ways with foods, and lifestyle choices. It becomes not a burden but a choice to uphold the highest standard for ourselves.

What’s more, is it gives us a deeper fulfillment in life!

Creating Anchor Thoughts

We want to have anchor thoughts ready in our memory to fill the mind with once we decide to make the choice to redirect our wiring.

Thinking back to a time where we felt free, confident, calm and whole, free of any pain or disease whether in mind or the body.

Personal Example

Mine is a time in my front yard when I was around probably the age of 9.

It was summertime and I was in a purple half top and shorts. I was running through the open field of grass in our front yard and somehow I can almost see myself from above.

There are moments in our lives that we capture in consciousness.

These moments are powerful anchors to be able to rewire the brain.  We want the picture to be as vivid as possible so use all senses.

Remember colors, textures, aromas, and feelings.

Try and invoke these healthy memories as anchors when recovering from addictive or emotional patterns that don’t serve your life any longer.

Have several memories awaiting in the queue of your consciousness.

Be Kind to your Mind

Be gentle with the limbic system. Letting it know it just did not have all the information and it did what it new best but now you are on track to rewire your brain and it can relax now.

Practical Tips

Remember that not only thinking these new patterns into existing but speaking them aloud as well as using hand gestures is very powerful.

For example when you talk about your brain actually put your hands on it.

When you think of the past, present and future use hand gestures to recognize the movement or actually move forward or back.

One of my favorite upgrades is anchoring in healthy new thoughts during the most vulnerable times for the sub conscious mind. These times are:

  • This is often while falling asleep
  • If you wake in the middle of the night
  • Upon Rising

These moments you want to really anchor in the good vibes.

Think next of the vision of you 6 months from now having trained yourself with new patterns and neural nets. What does that person feel and look like? How is life now that you have done this work?

Life a Cosmic School

Life is a cosmic school and learning experience. Once you do this work you literally free up more of your consciousness to expand into more of who you really are. Your gifts and purpose can be easily lived out.

It’s like consciousness can more easily flow through a healed mind, heart and body. Soul consciousness comes through and we become more and more our True Selves.

The purpose of life is to grow and evolve and cleanse the lense of the soul. When we do this we become an anchor of the light for all humanity.

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