Your Lessons on the Spiritual Journey…

Here is The One Biggest Difference Between Spiritual Path and Spiritual Journey

You are not separate from your world. Your lessons on the spiritual journey will show up in many disguises, some are more obvious than others. Your world is an interactive school designed just for you.

We are all Spiritual Masters remembering.  Often our higher self comes back to visit itself in Spiritual Infancy.

If we wake up and slow down enough to graduate in each moment we can move on in our lives and wake up to our Spiritual Mastery.  There is so much stimulation in most people’s lives. It has become an obsession and addiction to be stimulated in the world today. These stimulations help to cloud and confuse most people. Then they never really see what is really going on. It is a great way to keep a population dumbed down to their spiritual greatness and power.

The main solution is to first be open to spiritual lessons each day. Tune into soul awareness by sitting in silence each day. Once you charge this greater aspect of self you are more tapped into the lessons as they present themselves.

The next great step is to actually apply the lesson to life!  What did you learn and did you actually turn the knowledge into wisdom?

It is one thing to be a consumer, all day taking in information and trying to find the next fix or solution to a problem. But what if we embraced confusion and loved it all?  What if you allowed the answer to find you, instead of being so needy to find some answer?  If we surrender in love and love ourselves and love the confusion we open up a new parallel reality.

There are many simultaneous timelines occurring in this very moment. Life looks and seems different because you literally jump timelines when you apply wisdom in your life and complete a lesson.

We are literally learning to unwind and unravel our nervous systems. Life truly is an interactive school and life can be a great meditation.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit family for the holidays. I was so happy to see all my family.  Going to the cities can be a real opportunity to adapt to an environment with major stimulation, toxic tap water, chemtrail central at your door and the feeling of an electric cage of the EMF grid surrounding your aura.

I am not saying that I am immune to chemtrails where I live or pollutants or stimulation but the life I have chosen and where I live has a fraction of all that over stimulation that I see in the big cities.

Living in the mountains I see more trees than humans or billboards as I cruise down a back road street to collect spring water and breathe in the misty, mountain air.

I feel blessed to have enough space to apply spiritual lessons yet still make a living, navigate my world and feel extremely grateful for the simplicity and the magic in my life.

It comes down to our values and what means the most to us. For me health and spirituality are  far more important  than going to restaurants, movies (that ultimately program the subconscious mind) and counteracting the toxicity of an overstimulated city.

So how do we make changes if we live in a city? We can plan more time in nature. We can limit our cell phone use to once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. I do this at my best even living out in the mountains, and maybe soon I will let go of the cell phone all together. How about tapping into your telepathic and psychic abilities?

We can check our email at set times, we can choose to take hikes as much as possible through out our week. We can make the decision to eat at home more often and invite someone to make a meal with us instead. We can use our imagination again and make our own restaurant in our own house.

We can choose to read a book at night instead of surfing the net. When we wake up we can choose to start with a cold shower to pump blood to our glands,do some kundalini yoga and meditate, surrendering our mind and our life to the Great Spirit.

By relaxing more and allowing more we are then able to SEE more clearly the lessons that we get and actually apply our knowledge to create wisdom in our life. Life does not have to be so hard, if we slow down, choose to unwind and see the answer in every moment. Slow down your speech, listen more to others and send more love to all your emotions and your body. Just relax more and listen for guidance. Let the muddle settle so that the lotus flower blooms.

Each being is on a spiritual journey whether one realizes it or not. The key is to relax into a new reality to be able to see what is really happening in this school of life. We literally open up new realities by doing this.

Practice slowing down the breath, then automatically the language slows down and  you open up to see the answers on your path.

Last night I was at the tea shop enjoying tea having meaningful conversation and I new I was in a spiritual lesson.  My spiritual lesson that week was to listen deep to anyone that was sharing. To show them I care and to speak to them in a way that maybe I had not been spoken to before when I wanted to be listened to.

I went to the tea shop intentionally slowing down and there it was, my spiritual lesson in front of me as the gentleman felt so open to share his life and spiritual journey.  I then sat there in deep listen mode and really found the diamonds in him sharing his story and gave him the gift of my openess to listen.

So remember to breathe deep and slow down. An over stimulated nervous system is exactly how people remain dumb down to the deeper, hidden aspect of life where all the diamonds are.

Much love on your journey and many blessings.

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  1. Evangelynn R. Gean

    I trully LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog! It touched my very deeply to my soul and made me think about what I am doing and what I need to do or apply in my life. Thank you.

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