What Does it Mean to Have Mercy on One’s Soul?

To have Mercy on One’s Soul, what does that mean and how can it make your life more peaceful and prosperous? Why is it important to grasp this concept and how can it liberate you from suffering? Beyond grasping the concept how can we live it and make it a daily practice?

These are quality questions to ask ourselves as we navigate the world around us. The ultimate liberation in life is to be able to have self mastery over the mind. The mind is the servant of the consciousness. In this world most people are ruled by the minds endless chatter. If we are to be come Masters or even just obtain deep peace and true health I believe having control over the mind is the first step and it begins with having control over your breath.

But how do we successfully charter these waters and actually imbibe the qualities of mercy so that one may experience the ultimate liberation?

Truthfully deep down we are full of mercy, full of peace and full of radiant health. It bubbles up deep within us like a geyser. But for most of us it has been plugged up by the mud, the mud of our sub conscious programs and wounds. Like the lotus flower it has its roots in the mud but it still has the ability to blossom. So too, each of you and I have that ability.

Mercy ends your own suffering and connects you back to the living Spirit inside you. The qualities of Mercy, Compassion and Grace are apart of our original nature. They are there freely awaiting our remembrance.

When we have mercy on someone or something, we come from a benevolent place inside that no longer judges them for what they may have done or are doing. We offer people blessings of abundance and truth of their own spirit to radiate in there life. Giving up judgement actually frees us from the burden of a toxic mind.

If this sounds hard or unrealistic it’s only because we are too stuck in the ego that, “this situation hurt me too bad.” We are relating far too much to the physical 3 D world instead of investing more time in the knowing of who we really are. An unwaivering, undying spirit that has a spiritual parent that can power us up so it is not so hard for us to bear.

Our spiritual soul requires watering and feeding from the spiritual sun and without it it dies and withers. Our glow coat becomes a glow strand, our aura becomes dark when we forget to tune ourselves to this source of light. We need to reinstall the glow coat of our soul.

How do we do this? We do this by quieiting the mind and the senses and going to our inner landscape on a deep journey so that we can reconnect with the truth of our own spirit.

This process actually enlivens our super senses and gives us the power to apply more of our benevolent qualities. It helps to make our 5 senses more keen and energized.

The matrix world, especially with the use of cell phones and computers these days makes the senses dull. It is time to enliven them through going inward so that when we come back into the moment they are more expanded. Think about when you cleanse your body. What happens after that cleanse? Your body is more sensitive to what you put in it right?

When we do harness this practice we really start to relate to these qualities more and more and life becomes more full of grace and prosperity as the geyser is now bubbling through the muck.

It is in the silence we can get filled up with light, healed, restored and even liberated from suffering. We need to be willing to surrender it all though and trust the presence that we came from. Can you surrender your positionality? Your beliefs and judgements for a while? It is here we can gather immense power to cultivate unwaivering faith when life seems to challenging.

But this is a practice, it isn’t something you do once and all is well. It is an ongoing experiential process that becomes very familiar to you. Once you have solidified this practice over time mercy is something that is very natural for you. The old ways of the ego experience can fall away.

I believe that beyond just sitting in stillness we need to also move our bodies to be able to move the old scar traumas and psychic wounds out. We do this with Qi Gong, we do this with breath work, we do this with kundalini yoga and just moving consciously. If we are going to live from our heart we have to strengthen it, Kundalini yoga does that. A healthy diet and cleansing does that. The muscles around the heart need to be strong in order to live from the heart. The navel must be strong so that it does not play out scenarios of only the lower 3 centers of primal instincts. The frontal lobe needs to be strengthened so that the brain doesn’t just operate from the fear center in the back of the skull. The yoga can help strengthen this area along with focused meditation on the frontal lobe.

So for today just practice sending out waves of Mercy and Compassion to all that you see, meet or speak with. This subtle practice tunes the body to heal. Learn to go through the layers of mud in your meditation so you can access the serenity deep inside.

Sending love and blessings your way.

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