What are the Crucial Nutrient Needs of the Body?

I feel like this is a great question to ask ourselves? When we think about eating to live not living to eat we can really start to ask our body what it requires for fuel.  For starter’s we require 5 hours of non interrupted sleep per night as well as fresh, clean air to breathe.

With 5 hours of sleep non stop we can be sure our adrenals have gotten to replenish and renew. If we can also get to bed by no later than 10pm we ensure our Growth Hormones have time to get repairing and renewing our cells, replenishing the system and utilizing amino acids to heal the body.

Sleep 5 hours non stop
Sleep 5 hours non stop

I think that one of the first things we can all agree on is the basic need for water. The best water as I have wrote in past posts is that of spring water. Spring water is living and it is full of minerals, it gives us true hydration. It also is holding a cleaner and purer energy signature. Water that goes thru a pipe leading to the kitchen sink is often corroded and moldy. Beyond that tap water is just lethal in my humble opinion. With fluroide, pesticides, herbicides, chemical residues, pharmaceutical drugs being thrown into the water system..yikes! it’s really best to live in a place where you are either on your own well or spring water.

Next would be a good quality Salt. Pink Salt will be your best friend from this day forth! Those that have the preconceived notion that salt is harmful to the body it depends on the type of salt. If you are taking in modern table salt that has been processed well you can bet it will lead to a slew of health challenges. However true mineralize, pink salt will lean the body out, hydrate it and keep your electrolytes in balance. It is an outstanding nutrient for anyone’s health quest. About 1 tsp. a day can do wonders for chronic ailments in the body!

Next we have our beloved Essential Fatty Acids.  EFA’s that are clean and fresh will oil this machine we call our bodies.  We must be very careful when choosing EFA’s to nourish the cells.  Look for oil that is in a dark ultra-violet bottle, glass or non toxic plastic. Most oils out there have gone rancid before you even open the bottle. Be conscious of this to ensure proper fuel for your brain, nerves and tissues. I love DHA oil from algae. It is a vegan source of oil that literally is a God sent. It tastes outstanding and you can just feel how the brain and body suck it up with gratitude!

Pink Salt is Mineral Rich
Pink Salt is Mineral Rich

Let’s now turn to our beloved mineral kingdom. We require minerals from our water and from our foods. But what if our food supply is very depleted of these minerals? What is our next step? Finding an incredible source of coral minerals would be a step in the right direction. If you kidneys are compromised in any way you will want to receive your minerals from green grasses. Find yourself a great source of green powder consisting of barley, alfalfa and wheat grass etc.  A couple tablespoons a day in fresh aloe puree will ensure the minerals get delivered to the cells. This will give you that optimal ph so that your body is in healing mode not fight or flight.  When the body hovers at the ph range of  about 6.4-7.0 we can ensure we have adequate minerals.  At this point we require only a small amount of super nutrition in order to quench the cell’s thirst for proper nutrition.

So this about sums up my post for now. Enjoy and know that You are radiance, you are love, you are light and you are a divine expression of the Creator!

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