Upgraded Protein Pancakes

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It’s Sunday morning and quite frankly it is the best day for pancakes in my book. I am not talking about the white flour, sugar laden counterpart that graced many of our childhood kitchens and made us feel sluggish, hungry, moody and lethargic for hours. Instead I am introducing you to upgraded pancakes. The one’s that nourish us on a deep cellular level and keep us sustained for hours and hours after consuming them.

There are two stars acting in these pancakes…the colostrum and the collagen. These two substances bring that cakey flour like component to our pancakes while providing deep nourishment to the body.

Colostrum helps heal a leaky gut and it strengthens our immune systems, pretty much of paramount importance to anyone living in the modern world. Colostrum is key if one was not breast fed and/or if one has a compromised immune system.  Scar traumas are more prevalent in those that are not breastfed.

Collagen from pasture raised animals supports the hair, skin, nails and joints and gives a good consistency to these pancakes.


You will need:

3 pasture raised eggs – Pasture raised eggs far surpass cage free or organic b/c the animal grazes solely on grasses.

1/3 cup coconut flour

4 tablespoons full fat colostrum powder

2 tablespoons pasture raised collagen powder

Pinch of Salt

Teaspoon Baking Soda

1 tablespoon non gmo xylitol from birchwood trees

1/4 – 1/2 cup coconut mylk or almond mylk

3 to 4 tbs Grass Fed Butter or coconut oil

Xylitol – as garnish

Fresh OG blueberries or Frozen

Whip eggs in a bowl and add your coconut mylk, melted butter or coconut oil ( I make homemade with boxed coconut cream/oil) Colostrum and Collagen powders. Mix well then add xylitol, coconut flour salt and baking soda. If it seems to dry just add more coconut mylk until desired consistency. I like to be thicker personally. Fold in blueberries. Preheat a stainless steel pan over medium and melt coconut oil in the pan. Cook pancakes gently and allow them time to set before flipping. Garnish with grass fed butter and xylitol. These are heavenly!!!!

Note: Don’t be afraid of butter, especially grass fed butter. It is full of vitamin k2 a nutrient lacking in most people’s diet. I don’t know many people that were brought up on 100% grass fed foods. Not to mention fats fuel the brain and put us in a state of ketosis. There is not a better way I know to reverse disease, slow down aging and lose weight than being in ketosis on a quality high fat diet. This lifestyle does not feed pathogens like high carb/sugar diets and it keeps the body on the long slow clean burn as a premium fuel source. You can try it and see if it works for you. It may take a while to lose weight if that is your goal because your liver may not have the capacity to digest fat at first. You have to cleanse and rebuild the liver. Or your thyroid may be weak and require tuning. These things take time to heal, it is not a quick fix but a lifestyle.

These colostrum collagen pancakes are dense and nourishing. It may be more  of a treat day meal than a fully keto meal but you get the idea.

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