Simple Steps to Tune into the Heart and Transform your World for the Better.

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Whatever is going on in your life you have the power inside yourself to transform it with your own heart guidance. 

You can transform your world by tuning into your heart with a few simple steps each day.

With an overload of information to sift through these days we can be faced with overwhelm and feelings of despair. 

So many practices and techniques promise to pull us out of sadness, grief, despair, anger or resentment.

We get a false sense of hope and then slip back into our daily autopilot.

But what if you really have the power inside you to transform your world and over come anxiety, depression, sadness or whatever it is you have going on with your own heart’s intelligence?

First I am proud of you for making it this far in your journey. 

Your life is a culmination of ups and downs and as you surf the wave of your life I am going to give you a tool that literally has the power to guide you smooth sailing on that epic wave with crystal clear water as a golden sunset warms your back into the shores of your soul.

You are so powerful and once you hear your heart speak to you through this practice I know you will forever be transformed.

Knowing you have this ability inside you at any time you require it.

Deep down no one rescues us but ourselves but in that same vein the heart literally can rescue you, you just never knew it had such a powerful intelligent voice!

It is a super sense organ to live a super natural life.

Anxiety is one of the top issues people face today. And of course some are unable to sit still long enough to tune into their own heart intelligence.

So here are some steps to get you there.


Step 1: A Burning Desire

In order to take time out of your day your why has to be pretty darn strong. If you aren’t over the suffering enough you likely won’t carve out time to do this as much as needed to see results.

Step 2: Practice Often

It took time to get stuck and our body, brain and heart require consistent practice to create change. This happens in the brain by creating new circuitry but it is led by the FEELING state of the heart.

Step 3: Come to a space of neutral focused at the Heart

Allowing ourselves to be in neutral, to be curious and open to what we are going through, that maybe we don’t really know the answer creates a place of ease and openness.

We allow our heart to guide us instead of the rigidity of old beliefs.

From neutral we can leave fight or flight and move into peace and power.

Step 4: Open up to the intelligence of your Heart and allow in guidance while focusing at the heart area with closed eyes in meditation.

This gives us the full capacity to receive benevolent higher wisdom/insights.

Step 5: Allow yourself to let go of thoughts as they come without judgement

Step 6: Learn to recognize the intelligence of heart speak which is wise and soft and kind.

Step 7 Repeat often to be guided in ALL situations in your life and watch the magic unfold.


The power you have as a Soul is far beyond what most can even fathom. The silence, stillness and focus over repetition will guide us to a more balance, steady state of peace and power.

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