The Wild Green Smoothie

INGREDIENTS:   (All Premier Products available on my shop)

1-2 cups of clean wild coconut water or pristine water

2 wild bananas or the best one’s you can find

2 tablespoons of Premiere Greens

1 tsp. of Fresh Ground Raw Vanilla Bean Powder

1 Tbs. Premiere Coconut oil, packed with Medium Chain Triglycerides

1 tsp. Essential Fatty Acid Oil (Premier Labs)

1 tbs. Maca

3 heaping tablespoons tocotreniols

1 tbs. Premier Whey Peptein or Premier Colostrum

2 tablespoons of Galactan Powder (Fiber and Probiotics)

1 tbs. premier lecithin powder (emulsify fat, give texture)

1 handful of micro-greens or forage some wild nettle

1 ounce of coconut kefir water

Optional: Half a Ripe Wild Papaya or Non Gmo Papaya

Blend, Bless, Serve and LOVE this upgraded Smoothie:)  Top with your favorite Bee Pollen!