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One of the most amazing experiences we can let in to this life is that of our own innate power.

In this day of technology, we often rely on cell phones and computers to communicate and connect with one another.

Although I truly love my Mac and my Iphone I also appreciate the value of psychic perception and telepathy. Once we experience bringing someone into our life without utilizing our electronic devices we have just experienced our natural power.  It’s truly remarkable and something I invite everyone to cultivate.

The more we experience our innate power the more security we have within ourselves to create our life by design. We can lose site of our power if we rely on other people, tools and devices to do this for us. I feel there is a healthy balance here.

Just yesterday I had one of these “holy flow” experiences. I had been focusing on a certain area that I really love here in Southern California. It is a beautiful area in the canyon near Malibu. It was thru a job opportunity that put me right in this particular area I had been focused on. I ended up meeting three wonderful soul family members and had instant connection with each one of them. We went on a peaceful walk thru the woods nearby and spent a few moments meditating together amongst the animal spirits.  Powerful indeed.

I like to invest time each day in meditating and increasing my psychic powers. This may involve staring at a single flame to awaken my imagespineal gland or third eye. I may take in certain tonic herbs to put me in a more spiritual place. I may do certain yoga postures that cultivate strength in my Chakras assisting me to develop my own strengths. We might invest more time in nature so that we plug into that electrical matrix and ground these abilities we have opened up to. The heart beat of the earth is a powerful, solid and stable one.  We can make a phone call to our higher self and then thru that channel connect with our fellow tribe. These tools are out there for anyone to experience. When we tap into them we can experience magical Synchronicities that make life awe inspiring.

There are many things in today’s modern world that could be inhibiting us from opening up this telepathic channel.  If we are full of toxins we are unable to think clearly and would not have keen perception. Cleansing internal and external factors are key here. How I test myself and others is with Quantum Reflex Analysis.  This uses kinesiology to test different points on the body. We can test the points on our brain to let us know if they are strong or weak.  A weak pituitary gland may suggest we are being impacted by environmental stressors. Here we can take action with live source nutrition and something like a vastu pendant that will remediate the field around our body.  We might also start a protocol to decalcify the body so that we know for sure our pineal gland is healthy and receptive like an antennae. images

I have a friend ( a wise old soul whom is a shaman in this lifetime) that lives out in the mountains near the Four Corners,  and he and I connect here and again in ways that are mystical and just apart of that holy flow. We are apart of the same tribe. It is a feeling you just know when you connect in person.  Our connections like this one are very powerful in assisting us with the growth that we came to experience here. Following these signs and signals in life becomes a treasure to behold.   We might think of these feelings we get as clues, clues to take action one way or another. We are here to experience the magnitude of our power. When we humbly harness this power it is something that is more precious than anything.  Take time to remember these skills that are already apart of you.

Enjoy your sacred connections, your inborn powers and recognize these truth’s so that you can experience them in this lifetime with your soul family and tribe.

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