The Buddha Bloody Mary Mocktail

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Mocktails are one of my favorite ways to enjoy the juice and essence of plants and herbs. Try this mocktail and wow your friends at your next gathering.


Cherry Tomatoes

Celery Stalks

Red Bell Pepper


Dried Organic Raw Black Olives


Horseradish Root

Superfoods:  (Sacred Shop Items)

Premier Research Labs Tomato Concentrate

Premier Pink Salt

Fresh Horseradish root

Optional: Mustard Powder and/or Celery Seed


Fresh juice the organic sweet cherry tomatoes (if your juicer doesn’t do tomatoes just use the blender and then strain), Bell pepper, 2 celery stalks, and 1 lime  You could either juice fresh cayenne peppers or use cayenne tincture or cayenne pepper for flavor (add in desired amount)

Grate the Horseradish

Dilute your  juice with a small amount of spring water.  Add this to your high speed blender  and add in horse radish, tomato concentrate  fresh herbs and the some pink salt.  Pour over ice and garnish with a celery stalk a lime and pink salt on the rim as well as taking a toothpick and feeding thru a few black olives and cherry tomatoes.

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