How Soul Power Effects Our Lives for the Highest Good

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Soul Power is your key to go through life with unwavering certainty and absolute faith. Read on to learn more.

What do we do to gain access to our true selves so we can live with unshakeable faith and soul power?

Soul power is a steadfast faith and certainty that permeates your world over anything else.

It is a deep sensitivity to a feeling landscape within you that is steadfast and at times can move you to tears due to the powerful presence it emanates.

Soul Power

How do we gain access to this feeling?

Our world is filled with distractions.

We have the technology, the restaurants, the shops, the political battles to follow and so much more that can and is a distraction to our true purpose and mission.

While they can be fun they also can cause us to get off the course.

We also have our Ego and our own chattering minds that like to stay on hyperdrive if we don’t take the reigns of the horse and guide it.

The key is to start to practice stillness.

That is how our Spirit really awakens within us. We have to have deeper feeling states in stillness to be able to experience this heightened sensitivity of our Soul.

I have also noticed that there are certain things that allow our soul to get powered up.

Giving and being a messenger of the light is a great way to allow more spiritual power to enter your body.

When you give for the highest good you graduate into a different realm of existence.

It is like you are given a diploma in the heavenly realms but you utilize its power in the earthly world.

You can experience heightened confidence, deeper empathy, less judgment and a more useful you.

Giving and creating as opposed to just consuming content is one of the keys. Consciousness streams through you to give you wisdom, energy, and spiritual powers.

You earned it.

There is a special area near where I live that when I drive through it the energies from the heavens or Great Spirit comes in more intense.

It is like an energy vortex or what I call a rainbow tunnel.

It sends me into an immediate feeling of having a heavenly presence that is unshakeable all around me.

And it has moved me to tears some times but sometimes it just allows me to feel charged up and confident in my service and mission.

But we have to be present and still enough to sense these things and also know how to ground it into our being.

We don’t need these energy spots but when you find one it is really special.

So what if you aren’t there yet?

What is it that might be keeping you stuck? I don’t always feel this way and I have work to do on myself but these are the tools I use to get myself back in a state of grace.

One thing that we need to address is the evil in the world.

It is not a new thing, this has been the way of things for centuries. There is good and evil.

We don’t need to focus all our energy there but we need to be aware that there are forces that will try to take us down.

If you feel that energy then do a prayer of protection.

How do you pray for protection and release negative entities?

These negative entities will feed and thrive from dark energy. Remember what Bob Marley said in one of his songs:

“If you get down and you quarrel every day, you’re saying praises to the devil, I say.”

Bob Marley

Remember this and learn to clear you energy each day.

Put a golden or white light around yourself. Call in your main guide or a powerful Spiritual Master like Jesus or Babaji or Guru Ram Dass.

Speak to all entities with empathy and let them know they are forgiven and can go forth to their most perfect place.

With the help of your guide request that they enlighten these entities and take them home.

Do this until you feel clear.

Peace making is an important aspect to gaining soul power.

We can do this with our wounds, ancestral matrix and other people in our life to raise our energy.

Try the simple words of Hoʻoponopono:

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

Hawaiian Practice of Reconciliation and Forgiveness.

Walk around saying it quietly to yourself, or to the forest, or to others you see or to someone no longer in this realm.

Next give and create in some way.

It could be bringing food to a neighbor, writing and sharing an article like this, praying for someone, or making some content that gives for the highest good.

Our spiritual parent sees us and starts to super charge our glow coat.

The coat we were given at birth that by the time we are around 8 or 9 starts to dwindle due to the social conditioning and mass programming.

We gain it back by our service to the light of consciousness and when your glow coat is back you will feel it. Our full glow coats are forthcoming!

Let us keep working on our glow coats. Get out in nature more, commune with your Creator more, sit in stillness, give and let go so the living spirit can come through you and mend your glow coat.

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