Shifting from Confusion to Confidence within a Moment

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At some point in our lives we seek shifting from Confusion to Confidence.

Whatever life brings at us we need an authentic expression of confidence to come through us so that our world is built on something honest and real.

Not just the ego’s way of perceiving confidence but a much deeper sense of self.

Instead of butting our way through lives we can consciously navigate our way through life if we develop a very simple but important skill.

The skill is free to all, we only need to practice to see it come to reality. Everyone has access to it, even those locked up in a prison cell.

So how do we shift from confusion to feeling confidence, power and peace deep down?

The shift happens when we walk away from technology, from noise inside and outside and surrender to our inner light.

The light of the soul is there clear and clean of projections of the past, present and future.

It is there for us to illuminate and magnify.

What it takes is focus and faith.

When I was younger I was the star in a play at church.

One of the songs I sang talked about having faith as small as a mustard seed.

Back then maybe I knew this day would come that I would remember that small speck of faith is all one needs to shift from confusion to confidence.

It is the feeling of a small amount of faith the Spirit magnifies that faith for you and you can feel the confidence of who you really are.


This world is a deep place and without a deeper sense of self it can be quite frightening.

The anxiety people hold, the trauma people live from, and the chaotic world that we are seeing is a projection from a cloudy lense instead of from the pure soul light which exists in us all.

In order to shift from confusion to confidence it takes a but a moment.

Simply sit in stillness, hands in prayer at your heart center and let go of all the thoughts even for just a second.

Let go and surrender to the light of the soul.

This light can then let in more of the Infinite light that can empower you to live from your authentic self.

It can help you live out your mission because as you do this more and more your life is held in the grace of your perfection as a clear soul.

So what is the key? The key is practice.

The mind can not be healed from thinking it out. The mind is restored once we surrender ourselves and our mind to the Great Spirit and that takes faith and focus.

It takes faith as small as that mustard seed is all. Lean not on your own understanding, have faith in something much greater than you.

“Keep up and You will be Kept Up.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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