Raw Vegan Sprouted Aquatic Sea Grass Recipe

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Wow this recipe is just off the charts epic.  First you will want to obtain some Wild Rice or what is called Aquatic Seagrass.  I can get local organic aquatic sea grass here in Nor Cal. A place in Oregon also has it, its a dark, rich black color.

To prepare it you will want to Soak it in clean water for several days being certain to rinse it every several hours. Using hot water can help to soften it. Once you have got it to the desired texture before putting this all together I like to heat water and then pour the rice in and put a lid over the top. This will help to break it down more.

To take it a step further you can add probiotics and break up the rice a bit in a food processor and let it sit in a warm place to ferment slightly. Other wise just warm the rice as mentioned, strain it and then add this super secret sauce that will take your medicinal foods to the next level.

Secret Sauce: All OG ingredients or wild

1 large bunch cilantro

Pumpkin Seed Oil (get the darkest, richest look one you can find)

Coconut Oil

Wild “rice” Aquatic sea grass


Mineral Salt

Sunflower Lecithin

Blend all ingredients and use plunger to push down the greens. Pour this on top of the living rice and you have a dish to savor and enjoy! This is great for ovaries, prostate and thyroid. The nourishment from the pumpkin oil is so profound. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc and have some copper, most people are deficient in these nutrients. The thyroid requires zinc amongst other nutrients like selenium to work properly. If the thyroid is dis-functional the body becomes dis-functional as it is the main processor and communicator to many of the bodies parts.

If you have thyroid issues check out my Thyroid book and clean out the body first then start adding the medicinal foods to nourish it.

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