Raw Sweet Potato Chips

Its super easy!

Simply take a couple Organic Sweet Potatoes or Yams and Rinse/scrub well. I like to cut out any bruised or not so good looking pieces.

Next thinly slice with a Mandolin or if you don’t have one get out a really good knife and thinly slice.

Next marinate these chips over night in Raw OG Apple Cider Vinegar, Premier Pink Sea Salt  and optional a touch of Premier Olive Oil  (These available on the Sacred Shop).

In the morning set the dehydrator for 118 degrees and put chips in until desired texture is achieved.  Offer with a side of Cultured Vegetables and Dandelion Greens. Pack these up for your next road trip or serve with your favorite meal.

These are Bullet Proof, Body Ecology, Paleo & Raw Vegan Approved.!