How to Powerfully Cleanse Radiation from the Body with Plants

Homemade refreshing mocktail with soda and orange juice

In light of the radioactive plume via Japan I feel it is a great idea to write a post on how to cleanse radiation from the body.

Plants are super conscious beings.

If you have never read The Secret Life of Plants I highly suggest reading it.

Plants are our allies in so many ways and they can be of great assistance when our goal is to cleanse radiation.

Super herbs and foods can counteract the effects of radiation.

Here is a powerful medicinal mocktail you can start taking to help your cleansing efforts.

The last few morning’s I have been inspired to make this incredibly bio-available medicinal mocktail utilizing fresh aloe filet and locally grown citrus to make a soothing cocktail for the digestive tract, colon and for all body systems/fluids.

I blend this in the vitamix on high to create a froth. Then shoot it back. The minerals, vitamins and enzymes present in this cocktail are so incredible and create long lasting energy in the system.

1 whole aloe filet or aloe capsules

5 squeezed blood oranges

1 tbs MSM crystals

1 tbs Medi Aminos from Premier Research Labs

Blend on high until froth is created, give thanks then taste a bit on the tongue to pre-signaturize the medicine. Body is ready to intake the medicine. Enjoy.

Other Adjuncts to Cleanse Radiation

  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar gives you minerals on a budget and can help cleanse your body
  • Chlorella Tablets help to clear out heavy metals and radiation residues
  • Zeolites help bind to the metals
  • Selenium helps to pull out the toxins and nourish your thyroid

Foods That Cleanse Radiation

You can also make a lot of meals with a high quality miso paste and include sea veggies like Dulse and Kelp as well as use of avocado’s to ward off radiation.

Avocados are high in glutathione which your body requires to handle all the oxidants coming into the body.

Your thyroid is a target for radiation and heavy metal pollution so it is very important to take a quality iodine when cleansing from these toxic substances.

A good quality zeolite in 4 ounces of water in the morning with an herbal blood formula that contains chapparel/cleavers grass to clean up the blood.

Among other high quality products would be Xenostat, Super nano green tea, Adaptogenic herbs and  CoQ quinol to name a few.

These are all products by Dr. Bob Marshall and really radiation protection is the same as free radical protection from damage to the DNA and these provide DNA repair to the 21 DNA repair enzymes that we know exist.

Hit it hard and heavy with iodine, chlorella, and humic minerals.

Be mindful of produce in California over the next few weeks consider soaking produce in a solution of pristine water with bentonite clay.

Other Radiation Cleansing Tools

Taking baths in a clean clay product and adding some iodine can be helpful.

You might also use magnesium chloride flakes in a bath.

This can replenish the body with magnesium reserves and help over 300 enzyme reactions through out your organ system.

Above all meditate, stay connected to your source and live in the moment with abundance, love and gratitude enjoying each moment to the fullest.

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