Parasite Cleansing for Rejuvenation

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We are ready to embark on the parasite cleanse now that we have gone through the steps of:

1. Colon Cleansing

2. Liver Flushing X 2

3. Kidney Cleansing

4. And now the Parasite Cleanse

It’s nearly impossible these days to not come into contact with parasites. They are literally everywhere.

But there are things we can do to up-regulate our system to keep it strong and self maintaining.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Modify the Bioterrain by ingesting friendly soil organisms like these medical grade probiotics and following a cleansing protocol to keep the gut healthy.
  • Next feed the good bacteria with plenty of prebiotics, fiber from clean fruits and veggies
  • Take a quality mineral supplement from a food source such as Shilajit. Most food is completely void of minerals these days and the growing conditions are often poor. (Such as the quality of water being used to nourish the plants).  Try herbal teas as the base of your smoothies, soups and elixirs for more minerals.
  • Grow your own food or know exactly where the food is coming from and how it is grown including the water being used to grow it. Better yet learn about wild foods and eat them as much as possible.
  • Practice hygiene by simple rules of the game like bathing daily,
  • Using high quality essential oils to clean your hands while traveling.
  • Scrub your nails
  • Brush and Floss twice a day or as often as needed. Use essential oils and oral probiotics in the mouth as well.
  • Bring a small bottle of non toxic soap while traveling.

Other than this we need to be on it with a cleansing protocol. Parasites zap our energy, eat our nutrients and leave us feeling, drained, depressed, bloated and sick. So……

Reclaim your power and begin a parasite cleanse today.

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