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Works of the Dodhisattva

Fulfillment for Your Super Senses

Guardian of the Threshold Initiation

We hold within us a culmination of decades of Ancestral thought, word, and deed that adds up to trillions of...

What Does it Mean to Have Soul Power & How Do We Access it?

What do we do to gain access to our true selves so we can live with unshakeable faith and soul...

How Do You Heal Your Gut?

I think this subject is becoming more and more popular as people learn about the root cause of autoimmune diseases...

Your Limbic System and How it Controls Your Thought Patterns

The Limbic system is the set of brain structures on the left and right side of your brain that helps...

Jack Fruit Tacos Recipe

How To Make a Quantum Jump In Your Spiritual Growth

Have you felt stuck in your spiritual growth? How about taking a quantum jump to accelerate your souls journey? Each...