Optimal Health for the Teeth & Gums

Oral care concept

Our teeth and gums reflect the entire health of our body.

It actually gives us a sort of road map to what might be happening inside our bodies.

Just like the face gives us signs as to the health of our organs.

There are 32 teeth and 32 vertebrae in the spine.

The teeth and the spine are connected just like our entire body is connected to all of life.

The nerves from the head actually go through the spine like electricity out to our body parts.

If there is any tooth challenge you can be sure there is an organ challenge somewhere.

As you can see here in this epic drawing the organs are correlated to the teeth.

As most of us are well aware of the dangers of amalgam fillings and the use of fluoride we can make educated decisions on how to care for our teeth.

You might choose a drug-free Dentist like I have.

Or you might take full responsibility for your teeth like a lot of people I know and maintain your own health.

Here is a great protocol for caring for the teeth and gums to ensure the environment in your mouth is thriving.

First of all we want friendly bacteria proliferating in our saliva and mouth.

Commercial toothpastes make one feel like there mouth is becoming clean with the “sudsing” agents however what is really happening is all the good bacteria is dying off and whatever chemicals, fluoride or other unnatural ingredients seeps into the blood stream via the gums.

1. First and foremost we want to wash out the mouth in the morning with a sea salt water solution.

You can easily make this on your own by getting a bag of sea salt at the store and mixing  solution with your spring or filtered, structured water.

We also want to clean the tongue. Here a tongue scraper is vital and should be used daily.

The tongue does not lie. It will show us where mucus or toxins are in the body.

2. Next we want a high quality tooth cleaning solution.

I recommend  utilizing clay or sodium bicarbonate powder free of aluminum.

You can make your own or buy one.  Lightly cleaning the surface of the teeth with this powder and a dry tooth brush will gently clean the teeth.

Utilizing an ionic tooth brush will assist in removal of plaque.

3. Our third step is to gently clean and nourish the gums.

We want a pure essential oil and a standard tooth brush here. Apply the essential oil.

A good choice in your blend is neem oil as it kills the unfriendly bacteria and does not disrupt the friendly bacteria.

As you brush move in a downward stroke toward the teeth gently touching the gums.

If you have an issue with your gums you can take a tool with a rubber end and apply some of the oil and gently go around each u shape where the gum attaches to the tooth.

4. Now you are ready to floss.

It is best to use unwaxed floss so that your gums toughen up.

Waxed floss does not do as good a job. Going in each crevice and up and down each side is important.

Now you can rinse your mouth with sea salt solution and enjoy a clean mouth!

In short our teeth and gums are foundational in the health of our entire bodies. As we can see they are related and connected to what is going on in the entire body system.

Empower yourself with information on Drug Free Dentistry and most importantly taking full responsibility for the health of your teeth and gums.

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