Creating Naturally Healthy Hair

December 2016

Creating naturally healthy hair comes from a connection with the elements around us.

When we are put in natural environments our body feels connected to its source and is able to naturally resonate to its set point of health.

When we are in buildings all day surrounded by neon lights and wifi signals it has been shown to disrupt that natural connective rhythm in one’s body.

Today marks the Fall equinox and in the chart you will see this marks a powerful time to achieve naturally healthy hair with a specific type of trim technique.

This is not just any type of trim but what is known as the Blunt Snip Technique Trim.  This way of cutting one’s hair seals the matrix of all hair ends, something not often done with a regular trim.

This wisdom comes from Shamanic Practices and I have learned it from the Hair Shaman, Anthony Morrocco of Morrocco Method. You can learn more about his work here: Morrocco Method.

Not only does the blunt snip seal the matrix of the hair ends making it grow thicker and stronger, but the lunar hair cycle imparts power and chi flow to the hair.

Full moons and equinoxes have the most power for cutting in this manner and correspond to a natural element of nature.

  • Earth – Thicken
  • Air – Strengthen
  • Fire – Root Work
  • Water – Lengthen
  • Ether – Beautify


Each shampoo offered by Morrocco Method corresponds with a given element and invokes that super power in the hair.

The empowerment comes in when we recognize the sacred dance we have with these elements and give our hair the opportunity to imbibe these qualities fully through natural elemental principles.

Combining these methods with the lunar hair chart either with each season or each 4-6 weeks with a blunt snip hair trim (1/8 inch or so) delivers maximum power to the hair.

It can be equated to having 12-18 acupuncture treatments on the head. Wow!

Tip: If you are not into purchasing shampoos like MM’s than use baking soda or apple cider vinegar for an inexpensive DYI treatment without the toxins and artificial sealants.

For those that see the value in these impeccable formulations give it a whirl and see for yourself the changes in your hair, whatever your goal may be.

Either learn to trim your hair using blunt snip technique videos offered over at MM) or communicate with your stylist and be sure to share you want a blunt snip (show them a video).  My recent stylist was amazed when I taught her this technique.

She for the first time felt the life force around my head.

She felt the ether and chi energy that results from cutting on a powerful date such as the equinox and two souls (her and I) aligned with this shamanic value. It is great to find a stylist that has this level of appreciation. She noticed an immediate shift in her own hair from cutting it in this manner.

Points to consider

Allow the time of your hair cut to be one of meditative focus on your goal whether its root work, lengthening strengthening etc..

Let the stylist focus on the task of only trimming enough to allow the magic to unfold. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor during your trim so that chi can circulate freely thru the meridians of the body.

I trust this was an insightful article on natural hair health and how it is indeed connected with the elements just as our body is.

We are nature, it is silly our species has somehow disconnected from that but see this brings us back to the beginning, to remember our light essence during this equinox season.



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