My Favorite Magical Brew in the Winter

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Good Morning….I thought I would share one of my favorite hot tea brews for the winter.

My first thought about winter is that often people associate it with cold and flu season. Perhaps we can change our thinking all together and see it as a time to go within and really strengthen our selves including our immune system.

None the less our bodies still appreciate warmth on a cold, wintery morning. I know mine does. And why not feed the immune system with healthy gifts from nature and at the same time experience a complex, rich cup in the morning?

So our first ingredient is Chaga. Chaga Mushroom is an immune building mushroom, in fact the Chinese call it the “king of plants” and in Siberia it is known as the “Gift from God” In Japan it is “Diamond of the Forest”. So you can see that nationally this mushroom holds some serious qualities of health and reverence. So I feel it is the perfect base to a morning tea brew. In fact I suggest having a pot of this going daily and make this the base of your soups, stews, and tea brews. The featured image shows you the type of chaga chunks I use in my brews.

I prefer the nice ground chaga chunks and you can find these online. Just a few tablespoons and some quality spring water will brew you a nice, dark and rich cup of tea in an hour or so.

Now that you have your Chaga brewing ( I keep mine on a low simmer for several hours) you are ready for the rest of your drink ingredients.

Healthy Fats: Let’s add in a good quality fat to nourish the brain, keep us feeling full and energized. These fats are healthy for the body and promote longevity and clean arteries. I use ghee and mct oil (a super potent version of standard coconut oil). Coconut oil will do just fine here but I like to use a bit of both of these fats.  MCT Oil does not have the taste of coconut either, it provides the medium chain triglycerides that the brain can absorb fast for optimal function and can produce ketones if you follow a ketogenic nutritional program to keep viruses and bacteria in check.

To the blender base add: 1 tbs ghee and 1-2 tsp. xct oil or coconut oil

Next Extract Powders: next I add other powders to help give the drink some fullness, medicinal taste and minerals. Lately I add:
1. Shilajit ( a mineral pitch helping the cell wall open up to receive nourishment),
2. Cordyceps – hot water extract capsules (look out for high quality brands of mushroom extracts) To further feed the immune system cordyceps will support the adrenal axis and strengthen the pineal gland

Next I like to add some sweet and currently I love Omica Organics Stevia…a few drops will do.

Next, to give it a rich coffee flavor i add a product called Dandy Blend…two heaping tablespoons to fill out the drink and cause a crema like head after blending:) Also the fats give it a rich latte vibe.

Blend all your ingredients on high in the vitamix blender and top with cinnamon to seal the matrix of the drink!

With your favorite mug in hand you are ready to create a powerful day!

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