Muddled Mocktails

Oh my gosh and my heart sings for muddled mocktails. I love everything about muddled mocktails..the name, the essence, the sophistication, the sensory field perceptions…etc.

So for those who are a bit confused a muddled mocktail is basically a cocktail infused with fresh herbs and citrus without the alcohol. And my best creation lately is that my two favorite restaurants serve muddled mocktails all day long..I can look right at the bar tender, ask for a muddled mocktail exact to my specifications and he/she gets it and loves making it!

I suggest getting a handy muddler and shaker before your next party so that you can make your favorite mocktail with style and grace.

Next, you want to have some great fresh herbs on hand. My favorites are cilantro, mint, & fennel. As well as your citrus fruits…lemon, lime and occasionally grapefruit is wonderful. We are going to create a grapefruit mocktail in this post.

A few ice cubes
2 martini glasses or your favorite mocktail glass
omica organics stevia plain
1 1/2-2 cups Sparkling Spring Water

Get out a cutting board and mince up the fennel pieces as well as your cilantro. Put it into the bottom of the shaker. Next juice into the shaker 1 grapefruit and 1 lime. Next add a few drops of stevia. Muddle your ingredients well.

Next add a few ice cubes and a 1/2 cup of sparkling water. Shake well. Coat the brim with some quality salt if you like. Fill cups with the sparkling water remaining then top each with equal portions of the infused liquid. Cheers to life and the gifts these herbs and fruits bring to our bodies.

Muddled Mocktail
Muddled Mocktail