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The most important piece to overall wellness is the state of your gut biome.

The gut biome is like a treasure trove if it is working effectively and efficiently. If not and the gut is leaking or unsealed it will cause many different health issues.

Our gut biome can be healed and sealed by ingesting whole, organic unprocessed foods. Cooking foods is an art. If we don’t take care in the attention of this process the foods will likely not serve our bodies.

How do we prepare foods for maximum gut health?

  • Avoid highly heating foods and instead employ dehydrators, steaming and lightly heating the outside of foods in oils that can stand high heat like ghee and coconut oil.

When we use awareness of our cook methods we preserve nutrients in the food. These are then most absorbable by the gut and they are in a healthy whole state. This keeps us looking vibrant and healthy.

Highly heating can cause:

  1. Fats to go Rancid
  2. Proteins to Putrify
  3. Carbohydrates to Ferment

When we use high heat methods like boiling, microwaving, ovens at high temps we choose to decrease methyl groups in our bodies and this leads to fast aging.

What can we do to heal a damaged gut?

  • Eliminate all grains from your diet
  • Eliminate dairy except grass fed butter/ghee
  • Cut out processed sugars including coconut sugar
  • Employ allies that help heal the gut like butyrate from grass fed butter
  • Fermented foods – so long as you do not have a histamine issue
  • Sip on pastured bone broth to restore the lining of the gut wall

Healing the gut biome leaves you super charged. With a healed gut biome the whole being works better. You find your mind/brain stable and working well. This is because the toxins that were normally passing through a leaky gut were irritating the stomach and the brain.

The body is one whole organism and connected to all its parts. When you heal the gut biome you heal the immune system and your whole being becomes powerful. The gut when healed can manufacture its own B vitamins and has an intelligence of its own to assist you in optimal health.

So, focus on your gut, clean up your diet by eating a simple whole foods diet. Of course plenty of movement, and keeping the detox organs in a prime state is key. Find out more on my shop page if you would like assistance with a detox program.

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