Medicinal Soup

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This soup recipe is a labor of love. It’s a rainy, misty day here and I was inspired to make soup that I felt would be the most amazing ever. It actually is not cooked soup so it will just be room temperature. Your cells will be happy because when food is cooked over 212 degrees the leukocite response is felt through out the we are going to address that concern with this live activated soup. Its high in healthy fats too. It’s got turmeric juiced into it as well as the powder is topped with this soup for color and flavor. The main key to adding the turmeric is to seal the matrix of this particular dish. Often some foods can be healthy for certain parts of our bodies and that same food might cause another organ or system to go out of balance. Turmeric saves the day in this way to seal the matrix of that imbalance. I use this for savory dishes and a certain species of cinnamon does this for sweet dishes. So below is the recipe for medicinal soup.

For the Soup Base:

Freshly press the juice of:
1 lemon
7-9 stalks celery
a handful or two of cabbage
1 3 inch piece of turmeric root
2 cloves of garlic peeled

Next fill the blender with these juiced materials.

Healthy Fats:
It’s time to add the healthy fats
1 Whole Ripe Avocado…a fruit with no glycemic effect and full of healthy vitamins/minerals/fat
The Meat of 1 organic coconut ( I buy a package of organic frozen coconut meat and refer to it in alot of dishes. Coconut is a super healing food for the thyroid.

The Medicinal Green Component:
1 large piece of fresh Aloe fillet
1 large handful Dandelion Greens
Other greens of choice
Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme

Superfoods to take it up a notch in healing:
Top with a sprinkle of blue green algae for DHAsource and Chlorella tablets as your croutons (chlorella can help clean out the kidney of metals and can be used when the body needs to excrete metals from time to time).
Turmeric powder or extract to top each bowl with..anti-inflammatory and seals the matrix of the dish.

Cultured Foods:
Top each with homemade fermented veggies or store bought. – A staple in the diet to add back probiotics to the gut. This is our second brain, so let’s keep it healthy.

Add all greens and fillet the aloe and add to blender. The Dandelion will be great to detoxify the liver and the aloe is super healing to the gut wall and soothing to an irritated digestive tract.

Blend it up, top with the superfoods and serve it with a sprig of dandelion green so your friends and family remember to let food be thy medicine!

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