Medicinal Salad Recipe

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Oh wow, this inspired salad is the real deal. Get ready to feel amazing and abundant at that. This salad is medicinal with very rare ingredients used like sun chokes, burdock root and clover sprouts as the base. It is a power packed salad to be served as a main meal.

Here Goes…..

Salad Ingredients:

Burdock Root Grated

Sunchokes sliced thin

Watermelon Radish sliced thin

Alfalfa Sprouts

Red Clover Sprouts

Hemp Seeds

Green Onion Minced

Fresh Minced Parsley


Take the time and really put love into washing and preparing the salad. Enjoy the color therapy just making this salad offers your senses.

Now for the Medicinal Dill Dressing

Dill Dressing:

Large handful fresh Dill

OG Raw Cashew Butter

Lemon Juice Fresh Squeezed

Mineral Rich Solar Dried Sea Salt

Eden Organic Mustard (make sure brand uses ACV not regular vinegar and no sugar, both feed fungi)

1 tbs. MCT oil

1 tbs turmeric powder

1 inch ginger root

A couple shakes coconut aminos

Sea Salt to taste

1 tbs ACV

1 tbs xylitol

1 small garlic clove

Blend in a nutribullet for a while to incorporate all ingredients well.

Pour over salad and mix well, serve into bowls and there you have it. It’s simple yet powerful. Packed with tons of nutrients creating an alkaline ash in the body, this is a magnificent meal for dinner to keep the body alkaline. With an alkaline PH we can heal, uptake more oxygen and regulate our immune system more effectively. With an alkaline body we have plenty of energy and create wholeness and healing in our bodies.

I love to pair this salad with a muddled mule mug mockatil. Around this time of year I love making seasonal mocktails. Try one with the following:

Sparkling Water

Ginger root grated

Cilantro minced

2 whole lemons

Few Drops Stevia

1 tbs crushed green apple

Muddle everything but the sparkling water. Serve on the rocks in your mule mug and fill sparkling as much as you desire. I like it strong so less water for me. Cheers.




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