Longevity & Security by Way of the Kidneys

For security and safety we needn’t look anywhere else but within ourselves. The kidneys represent the seat of  longevity, self-security and  inner peace.   When the kidneys are treated with conscious awareness this gives a clear path way to longevity and security.

When the kidneys are being abused lower vibratory emotions often accompany them.

For example: Shame, fear, over criticism & unresolved anger usually are the emotional outlets.  On a physical level kidney stones, urinary issues, dark circles under the eyes and other challenges under the eyes indicate that the kidneys require specific care.

Ways that you can take care of the kidneys could be to:

*Cleanse your kidneys via fresh pressed green juices, clean spring water, medicinal teas & wild coconut kefir for a good 5-7 days, repeated a few times a year.

Note: Keeping clean liquids running through the system makes for happy kidneys.

*Enjoy a few liquid meals per day in the form of blended superfood soups, cultured smoothies, liquid elixirs and the like.

*Castor oil pack the kidneys to pull out toxins such as heavy metals. This can especially be useful while fasting or cleansing.

Note: The Kidneys sit on the back just above the belly button line.

*You might also look at the dampness or dryness of the weather and care for your body accordingly.

If the body is holding dampness it creates  mold and yeast overgrowth; the body requires foods and liquids that support the warming of the organ system.

These things would be warm/hot medicinal teas like chaga, mormon and pau d arco tea.

These teas  modulate the immune system, warm the inner body & neutralize the over growth of anaerobic (existing in an oxygen deprived body) bacteria in the body respectively.

*Warming foods such as root vegetable soups with a medicinal tea base would also be a wonderful choice and one could utilize hot peppers and cayenne to stimulate the warmth in the body as well.

*If the body is overly abundant with heat, things such as fresh pressed bitter juices with wild greens, wild kefir water and other cooling medicinal super herb teas will clear out the heat.  Cucumber juice is an excellent choice here.

The Kidneys also enjoy external warmth and pressure.

They are most at home when kept tightly wrapped in organic fibers if exposed to cold & wet weather.

The slight pressure and the coziness of a kidney warmer wrapped around this area  can create heat through the entire body including the hands, feet & head.

When the center area of your body is kept warm, cozy and happy this circulates blood flow and keeps the body functioning optimally.

The 5 tibetan rites and certain kundalini yoga postures aim at strengthening the kidneys.

Even a simple posture such as child pose allows our kidneys a peaceful rest while downloading information from the ethers as they are vulnerably exposed in this posture.

Other kundalini yoga movements such as frog pose strengthen the kidneys quite well.

Body work on the kidney meridian lines can be of great benefit.

There is a meridian line that runs on the inside of our legs.  If one has ever received acupuncture you will know this meridian line well.

If not check out a diagram if you are curious and start to massage this area.

If it is tender this indicates the kidneys require assistance to heal.

You will also find the kidney point or bubbling spring point on your foot.

This spot is crucial as it allows the fluids to flow properly through the body.  It also grounds us to the earth while performing tai chi and the like.

Hot/Cold Therapy in the form of clean water showers or hot and cold spring plunges make for a great kidney tonic.

Here what happens is blood flow is forced to the outer layer of the skin. This purifies the blood and creates circulation.

This is a longevity  and youthful skin strategy that works.

As strength, confidence, love and deep compassion for the kidneys are consistently maintained we harvest an abundance of free flowing chi throughout the body.

This gives a sense of deep inner peace, self confidence, & security.
The body then can surrender and flow with the natural rhythms.  It is then in a place to enjoy longevity,  inner prosperity and a cozy feeling place of all ways being at home.

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  1. My poor kidneys! This article resonates true in my mind, I became aware of the sensitivity of my kidneys after a night in the rain this summer (Kidney chill). They feel recovered, but not 100% I hope to put your advice to practice, Soups and juices!

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