Life is Too Short to Live in Anger or Fear.

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Emotions are powerful tools for us to learn from. But what if we become emotional roller coasters never able to be who we truly are?

Life is too short to live in anger or fear or in a perpetual state of resentment, sadness, and grief.

Who Are You Really?

The true you behind it all is an Observer, A Point of Light, A Point of Consciousness.

To learn to sit in the middle of your life, in the middle of the things that happen in life from the calm observers’ perspective takes practice. It doesn’t mean we are numb to emotions and feelings.

It means we become stronger in knowing who we really are and what life is. Life is a stage and a play where we have the choice to live on purpose or like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind.

Personal Story & How Life is Too Short to live in Fear

I have a great teacher down by the river where I live. He is a Great Blue Heron. Around this time of year, he is often is there to greet me and remind me to have one foot in this world and one foot in the cosmic energies from that which made us.

Life Is Too Short

To live steady and still from a deeper sense of knowing. This is what the heron teaches. He is my friend and companion. When he flies away he teaches freedom. Remembering we are free to live however we choose.

Emotions Getting Stuck in the Body

Emotional states are to roll through you and not get stuck.  They are not who you are they are just waves that come and go through you. Can we learn to ride these waves and embrace them all?

When they get stuck in the body they manifest into different health challenges. If addictive thought patterns continue this can cause an imbalance in our sacred field.

We are all energy and energy creates a density of matter once it sits long enough inside us.

What are the consequences of Living in Anger & Fear?

But what then becomes of us if we don’t recognize this and live from depth? We become reactive instead of responsive. We lose control and connection to who we really are. We end up living in a psyche that is unhealthy and disease has a great opportunity to set in.

You have the choice to be a slave to your emotions or to master awareness of them and learn from them.

Meditation gives us that free tool to look deeper at ourselves and the situations we create for our own higher good. We are all on a hero’s journey, each one of us whether we realize it or not.

Meditation gives us a chance to get to know our True Self and see what our ego identity holds onto. Sometimes we grasp so tight to an illusory world that it causes sorrow and grief in the psyche and in the soul separating us from others.

With all the distractions around us, we can get lost and never really go deep. It is like a matrix trap, keeping you far away from the peaceful truth that is right in front of you.

Gaining Perspective of Emotions & Life

To overcome this first we must realize how short life is and see how perhaps we are controlled from outside media locking us into the trap of the ego’s perspective.

We are so much more than physical beings and if we truly know who we really are our presence becomes radiant light in a very chaotic and sinister world.

Remembering life is short is an opportunity to let go, forgive, and forget and put your differences behind. It reminds us to instead get on purpose with our mission instead of being against everything and everyone.

It reminds us to see with eyes of compassion and empathy and that we may not know what the other has gone through.

A powerful way to live is to imagine being the other person in a stressful situation and learn to let go of knowing it all.

But some may say, “I can’t access empathy and compassion like that. I am deep-seated in anger or rage.”

It takes cleansing ourselves of these perpetual states to access deeper layers of who we really are.

The patterns can run deep for lineages upon lineages but you have the ability to change that especially when you connect in to that which made you.

The virtues of the True Self are always there awaiting your acceptance. Open up to the possibility of peacemaking and be your own medicine man or woman.

If everyone on the planet was living on purpose it would look like a Supernatural world of a Higher Cosmic order.

I feel the tools to do that are all given to us and for free at birth. First, we were given the breath of life. This allows us to practice deep breathing and always be reminded we are the breath of life first and foremost never hiding from that fact.

Intuition, Imagination, and Inspiration are also tools given to us to align with our greater calling.

I have a course called Emotional Freedom which helps you to understand the difference between Emotions and Feelings. And how to dive deeper into allowing and transforming those experiences so you can clean up your energy and live in the eye of the storm.

You can find that here:

Until then dear friends, go live with wild abandon, hug someone, let them know you love them because life is too short to live from the ego’s perspective that eventually dies. But you the Soul are unending and unborn!

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