The Initiation of Your Spirit and The Guardian



Your Spirit holds within you a culmination of decades of Ancestral thought, word, and deed that adds up to trillions of memories stored within.

These patterns are held in our cellular structure and psyche as we progress through life.

Some of these patterns or ways of being can hold us back in life.

Whether our consciousness is dumbed down, we experience sub-optimal health or a lack of success permeates our life we can be held back if righteousness is not infused in our daily existence.

The Guardian of the Threshold awaits us when we cross over to the Spiritual world but what happens if we are not prepared for this experience?

What becomes of us then?

As humans, we have been loaned a few tools to assist us through this initiation if we so choose to utilize them during our terrestrial existence.

These three tools on loan are:

  • Our Imagination which is Higher Ordered Thinking
  • The intuition which is Higher Feeling
  • The inspiration which activates Higher Deeds

It is said we must face the Guardian of the Threshold to cross into the Spiritual Realm, the land where all Souls go after this life.

But here we have a battle to face, the 3 headed monster which is the Guardian.

It is a Soul shuttering experience as we face the demons within our own selves. 

Madness or fear can overtake one if they don’t have a solid footing and knowing of who they really are and what this symbolizes.

When we see the 3 headed monsters, we are looking at aspects of ourselves that have been created through our thought, word, & deed, a type of memory body.

We can not bring any of this with us when we enter the Spirit realm. We must be naked and transparent with the Guardian asking for forgiveness and mercy.

How do we initiate ourselves now while in this Human form to lighten some of the load and handle the meeting of the Guardian when the time comes?

If we show up to this meeting with overwhelming fear, guilt, shame,  and other darkness in the psyche it will be an experience we may feel we are unable to bear.

What’s more, is if we do not have any spiritual substance to offer the Elemental Spirits we will never tread forth into the realm of Spirit.

What food and drink can we offer? This is the Ambrosial nectar of goodwill and a loving heart.

This is the substance that feeds the heavenly realm like generosity, selflessness, and pure thoughts.

When these aspects of self are strengthened here in this realm we have food and drink for the Elemental Spirits at the time of crossing.

When we are steadfast in our faith and have a pure, still loving heart we can decipher the illusion at the threshold and request deep forgiveness for our errors.

When we relinquish our knowingness but instead surrender to the understanding we have no mind, no body, & no spirit, that we are just the breath of life, the breath of God it is then we can enter this spiritual realm.

But what can we do daily to practice and lessen the load at the time of this meeting?

We can reconcile each night with peacemaking. We can review our day and see what thought, word, and deeds were selfish or selfless and make the proper adjustment and ask forgiveness from ourselves and the other involved.

We can practice steadfast faith in this connection to our Spiritual Parent and make a deeper connection with it so when the time comes our heart is wide open and we humbly recognize the illusion for what it is.

We do this by going into deep meditation and stillness each day working to tread the darkness of our own psyche and peace make from the depths of our being.

During meditation, we can utilize the three tools on loan: Inspiration, Intuition, and Imagination. They will assist us greatly here.

We can initiate this meeting now and work on cultivating faith in our True Self in this plane of existence. So when the time comes, we have made our Spiritual self strong, steeped in love energy.

Otherwise, we could go mad from all the crazy thoughts and mental distortion at this meeting of the monster. The monster is our Allie truly showing us the introspection of our own self.

As we peel away the muck that has been stored in our cell structure on a daily basis we lighten this load, we actually cleanse our aura and our 10 bodies.

Each day you bathe or shower I bet.

We must bathe and cleanse our spiritual self with peacemaking and forgiveness through prayer.

When our mind is not feeling peaceful we either have taken on energy from outside ourselves, or our own psychosis is in charge or ancestral patterning is playing out.

We need to be wise and take responsibility and cleanse ourselves to remove the entanglements to experience a clear, bright, light mind & body.

We go to through the Threshold naked and clear with just the innocence of our Origination.

It is then we transition and the light can fill us.

The Guardian then transforms into love and light. We have graduated, reentering our true home.

We must release the memory body because only that of Spiritual substance can pass the Gatekeeper of the Threshold.

So go forth and practice each day.

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