Stop Detoxing and Rebuild Your Body

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Rebuilding the body is an important piece to any sophisticated health program.

The reason for this is simple yet it is often over-looked. When we have an illness or disease we are already in a depleted state so while cleansing and in some cases fasting is an important piece to one’s protocol it can actually be detrimental over time if we are not wise with our health strategy.

It can actually lessen the power and strength in the body if the proper nutrients and minerals are not coming in in a highly absorbable living format.

This is why it is important to be cleansing and re-building simultaneously.

Depletion causes our bodies to lose vital life force and although cleansing can work for a while we need to utilize some other tools to work on the finer areas of our body system and give it the nutrition, minerals and building blocks it requires to repair.

So what would some of these practices or tools look like?

We can use tonic herbs to help rebuild the body. They really are a food class all on their own.

First and foremost we want to take a look at the kidneys and build from there, this is the seat of the soul and where our Jing is stored. Jing is known as our Essence and it should be treated with respect and not wasted. As this depletes from stress, illness, age and many other modern day factors our body begins to lose power and vitality. The foundational tonic herb for the kidneys would be He Shou Wu.

Jing Tea’s are an important aspect of re-building, because from this space all the other organs benefit. It is a deep type of nourishment that over time gives the body more power. It is not a quick fix but something that works over time. As you connect with these herbs you start to form a synergistic relationship with each one of them in a unique way.

Try He Shou Wu, Cordyceps, Prepared Rhemmania, & Goji Berries as the top jing building tonic herbs for your sophisticated body systems. These substances are life-giving and jing building. As He Shou Wu and Prepared Rhemannia are like the kidneys own food, cordyceps are perfect nourishment for the adrenals and reishi detoxifies and rebuilds the liver.

Add into a tea base one or more of these herbs and match it with a jing building fat like raw grass fed butter or coconut oil.

These are fats that give life to our hormone receptors and allow us to have the long, slow clean burn instead of the short, quick carb burn.

A fine tuned body free of infections and diseases requires fine tuned fuel. Since we are bombarded with environmental pollutants we need to be on our “A” game when choosing what we put in our bodies. And if we truly have self love we will make wise choices so we feel our best.

Self love is the number one nutrient to include in a sophisticated health program. It is from lack of it that the discord first appears in one’s energetic field. When our thoughts, words and actions are not lined up with the soul mission we fall short of radiant health. Here we can use tools such as tapping (EFT), forgiveness strategies and pranayama to move the stuck energy.

So what else can we do to rebuild on the physical level?

Eating cultured foods and foods that help you to digest the best. This ensures you are not allowing for auto-intoxication but getting assistance from enzymes and probiotic organisms to allow the energy of the body to work on healing other areas instead of digesting highly heated, processed or irradiated food.

This also ensure you no longer have to do cleanses as much but instead live a lifestyle of complete digestion and an organ/glandular system that has been fine tuned.

The body requires hydration and our foods should reflect this with plenty of water content.

The right fats are important in creating a healthy system and this keeps the hormones healthy.

If you are not keen on fats maybe the liver is congested. It can take years to re-build a happy liver after years of abuse with rancid or highly heated fats. That is why its important to do some cleansing initially with flushing out the colon and cleaning up the liver. Then with bitter herbs like dandelion and reishi we clear the liver of parasites and infections and can move onto rebuilding.

We can offer the body B vitamins to handle the stress and help the bile salts hold suspension with things like B6 and coffee enemas. Ingesting dandelion leaves in juices, salads and ground into powders will help clear the liver point.

We can make cultured coconut yogurt, a fat that is easy to assimilate with probiotics and bio-available nutrition until we can digest fat on our own once again. Or incorporate Cultured Butter into the nutrition plan and flax seed oil on our salads. Limonene is another great way to emulsify fats (essential oil of orange) as well as Lecithin from Sunflower. Add lecithin to your super food smoothie or salad dressing.

To enable the long slow clean burn we must be able to digest fats and most people give up before the beauty of this lifestyle kicks in. It takes time to rebuild and switch the magnetics in the body.

Herbs that really help the liver to digest fats again would be dandelion, gynostemma and reishi. Then over time we can feel the building of life energy, we stop feeding infections and viruses and keep a clear mind, body, soul connection to live a super life!

What is your favorite way to rebuild? Share in the comments below or ask a question. If you loved this post feel free to share with a friend! Love and Blessings from The Sacred Backyard.

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