Hygiene in a World of LO-giene


It’s one of those subjects that seems so sterile, like we are about to discuss a very cold topic but I have found Hygiene is quite the opposite of cold and sterile. It is more like nourishing and loving.

The definition of Hygiene is: To Preserve One’s HealthIt is a set of rituals done on a consistent basis to ensure quality of life and health. The origin of the word stems back to the word Hygeia. Hygeia was the Greek Goddess of health and she governed and guided people with physical and mental health.

So if we genuinely look at this word its roots are ancient and it holds a very specific key to health preservation and longevity.

So the question is, How do we create Hygiene and what steps can we take to preserve our mental and physical health?

I want to share with you a few daily rituals that I find very important for the Hygiene of the Body and Mind. Let’s start with mental well being:

In order to preserve mental well being we must “innercise” our brain so that we program it for what we want and desire in life.

If we fail to deliberately use this muscle I’m afraid it is left for Lo-giene (low genes) and programming from outside sources like, social media, the nightly news (if you watch it) and lots of other deliberate attacks on your psyche and soul to hijack that very important part of you that is the key to your success and freedom, the brain.  So we must take great care of this amazing organ we have.

If we have injured our brain in some way thru an accident we can find wellness centers to help us remediate issues in our brain.

Dr. Amen’s clinic is based in Orange County and can perform tests and brain scans to check for these types of traumas, then create a program to help unleash your brain potential.

There is also Quantum Reflex Analysis, that uses Advanced Kinesiology to locate scar/trauma and interference fields so they can be sealed and leave the bio-field strong.

There are also Clinics that use Bio-Photon technology to clear traumas like the Advanced Magnetic Clinic in Tuscon, Arizona.

These treatments can help the brain grow new neural networks and unlock human potential. So the choices are endless really in our day and age.

Let’s focus on a few daily mental rituals we can tap into daily in order to activate the genius of our brain capacity.

  1. Being in a State of Gratitude unlocks the parasympathetic part of our nervous system which puts us in a relaxed state to open up creative parts of the brain. On the contrary when we are in sympathetic mode often our actions are based from the fight or flight response. Take some deep breaths through out the day and really activate the creative centers of your brain thru genuine gratitude for what you do have in your life. When we are feeling at peace we have much more potential to access all that we truly are.
  2. Focus on your goals every day for at least 30 minutes. Break these up into 10 minute intervals but do it consistently focusing on your life, business, health and relationship goals. Allow your brain to create new and healthy neural networks by consistently practicing and releasing the mental doubt or self talk that will likely creep in thru the beginning stages of this practice. Just keep going and stay strong. Break throughs exist on the other side.
  3. Access a solid guided meditation to assist you in accessing these elevated area of the brain for retraining and focus on new pathways for success. My favorite mentor and programs for this are John Assaraf’s Neurogym programs. Check out his work and blog here https://www.myneurogym.com/
  4. Access the still awareness of now. Get in vertical time by activating awareness of all of your senses right now. Engage in this moment in a state of wonder.

Tomorrow I will share about the physical aspects of Hygiene! Until then start writing out your daily Road Map to Brain and Mental Well Being and breathe deep in gratitude!


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