My Top Tips For Natural Hygiene

natural hygiene

So today we are going to focus on the physical aspects of Hygiene.  As we preserve our health we can also look at the physical things to do each day in order to create a state of hygiene.

We talked yesterday about mental hygiene and the importance of the brain’s health as well as training our brains with new thought patterns and beliefs.

We now know that most of our programs are set by the age of 7 and most of them are disempowering! We need to catch when our default setting is running and wake up in these moments and instead create new thought patterns of empowerment. It’s time you rewrote your script.

But today is about the physical aspects of hygiene. When we take care of ourselves we really feel different, empowered to live out our highest potential and we exude a certain level of self worth that is contagious.

Let’s start with the mouth. Great oral care is really at the route of lots of diseases in the body. One would be amazed at how many infections have begun in the mouth and have caused issues in other areas of the body. Our teeth are like gem stones and are more precious than we realize.

It is quintessential to care for the mouth in a natural but impactful way.

Next lets take a look at grooming our hair, nails and skin. Hair is mostly made of protein, using  a scalp massage tool, and cleansing with non toxic cleaners like organic essential oils  and other pure cleaning tools is a great way to enhance the natural friendly microbes of the skins dermis.  This supports the microbial shield and keeps the ph of the skin at 5.5 instead of harsh soaps that disrupt the acid mantle and then cause the body to have to balance the ph back to normal. Often these soaps are alkaline.

Cleaning the nails with a nail brush, keeping them short enough so dirt does not accumulate is a great way to keep viruses and bacteria from the environment from disrupting our own flora.  It is not to say we are striving to keep ourselves sterile, if we live on a farm with soil rich in healthy organisms this would be the kind of dirt to get onto our bodies but we are talking about public bathrooms, hot pink looking soaps that not only kill off bad but also good bacteria. Eek!

Using  a skin brush to exfoliate and move the lymph are ways to promote our the internal and external body. The lymph requires movement on the daily and this is a gentle way to achieve that. Get my favorite skin brush here.

Internal cleansing of the organs can be a great way to start over and commit to a healthier lifestyle. Instead of cleansing and then going back to bad choices, why not make a commitment to a healthier you and follow a program that makes you feel like you have more self worth, respect and feel better. This kind of program will keep you on the path and allow you to really live out your dreams, visions and goals with a higher power, strength and clarity knowing you are on purpose.  It addresses the deeper aspects of cleansing the soul not just the body.

Well that is it for now! Although we could get into way more depth about physical hygiene this gives you a small taste of what Hygiene really means and why our inner and external bodies require upkeep. They are the way we get to express our infinite selves in this world. Take good care!

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