How To Make a Quantum Jump In Your Spiritual Growth

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Have you felt stuck in your spiritual growth? How about taking a quantum jump to accelerate your souls journey?

Each day we are faced with different people, places and situations that can ruffle our feathers.

You have likely heard the phrase in the self help world, “You need to take full responsibility for your life.”

But have you ever dove deep with that saying and taken responsibility on a self-mastery kind of level?

Let’s examine what happens when we do not take full responsibility for something happening in our lives.

You get upset by someone’s actions or non-action. Or maybe it was their words or maybe it is some mass event that triggered you.

If we put the blame outside of ourselves we give all of our power away.

We then are like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind, shaken at each and every trigger that comes our way.

We are also likely to complain to others. Complaining is much different than asking for genuine help and getting it from a trusted friend.

The feeling of being unstable and not in control of your emotional response is a choice you make.

A lot of times we need to release and get out emotions. But after that maybe you can see from a wiser part of yourself?

What really is self responsibility?

When we take responsibility we are able to respond with self compassion and inner awareness.

Whatever is going on out there we can not control, but we can learn how to respond instead of react.

We might even create an anchoring mantra to hold when we let something outside us take over us. Something like, “please let this help me to deepen and awaken my understanding of the situation or person.”

“May I awaken.”

Would you rather have the world and others dictate your life experience or would you rather be the master of your experience?

The thing is we live in a big giant schoolhouse.

We all came here as souls to learn and grow and evolve as a being.

What’s more is that we each have a controller or enslaver inside that has deep roots in the wounds of the ego archetypes.

These archetypes are summed up into 4 typically: the victim, the prostitute, the wounded child and the sabateur.

So the chaos you see out there in the mass and global issue also has some roots inside you.

Inside your consciousness.

When you take responsibility for your experience you take your power back and you assist the collective consciousness in awakening.

If we project our issues onto situations we just allow them to continue in our lives.

The goal instead is to transmit your light from a pure state of consciousness.

Then you are a living, breathing example.

There will be a good amount of chaos at this time as those who choose to work on healing and forgiveness do and those that don’t fall away into their own self creation.

Consider making a list of everything you accuse others of and then apply it to your self with a real honest heart. 

If we take full responsibility now we gain our power back.

We cultivate a deeper awareness of where our feelings are coming from instead blaming the actors in our movie.

It may be an unresolved situation from the past, it may be a collective wound you are being asked to clear on a cosmic level or it could be some other force at work.

We can always ask for benevolent guidance so that the highest good emerges for all souls involved.

Maybe we are not sure why this happened. This is when you tune into your Spiritual Parent and get help from on high.

Think of these seemingly bad experiences as an opportunity for a quantum jump in spiritual growth.

You will have a more intimate connection with your Creator and you will learn Self Mastery.

Self Mastery means you monitor your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can become more of your True Self.

You take action steps to work on yourself.

Be it healing a past loop you now continue to play out, just with new characters in your movie or some  new  experience  that seems  to  come  from  no  where.

Self Mastery means taking the time and making the time to practice.

To sit and clear yourself of these experiences daily so that it becomes a routine for you.

Each moment is an opportunity to tune into where we are operating from. Mass media will teach you to operate from the base chakras. Power, sex and survival.

In order to release these deeply embedded codes you need to have self awareness.

This world seems like an outer journey but really it is an inner journey. A cosmic inner journey that manifests on the outside. This experience of life is a soul cleansing experience.

This kind of work inevitably leads to higher thought pathways and more purified timelines where life takes on a new hue.

When we are connected to our highest self and the most wise aspect of ourselves we gain new perspectives.

More often than not we will see things shift because we took responsibility to do the inner work.

This does not mean we have to keep certain people in our lives or go on with being treated in bad ways.

Forgiveness does not say, “What you did was okay.”  Forgiveness says,  “I am willing to free myself from suffering any longer and set us both free.”  When we don’t forgive we are poisoning our ownselves.

We can also make decisions to move forward or create new situations, people, places and things.

Remember love heals. Love heals you and it heals others.

Getting in deeper touch with the seat of compassion will ultimately help us clear the negative emotions. We can imbibe this feeling for ourselves and others.

This is not a self criticizing practice. It is one of compassion so we can lift the veil or clean the lense from which we were seeing things.

All emotions are welcome and perfectly okay. In fact they are our greatest teachers.

Feeling emotions and being with them helps to remove the scary mask that they seem to wear.

Our stories and situations will be there for us as long as we need them.

If someone is not quite ready to shed the story, person or situation we can let them know something like, “Anyone in your situation would have a similar feeling.” Or “I know what you mean, I can appreciate what you are saying and going through.”

Because truthfully we are all apart of one another and we certainly are not here to be critical of ourselves or others. Each person evolves when they are ready.

Love and compassionate understanding is the way out of the dark grip of an outdated timeline that most of us live in. Compassion for self and others and self responsibility is what accelerates our spiritual growth.

Practice taking responsibility.

Dig deep to find compassion for yourself so that you have the bandwidth to see through the eyes of loving compassion.

Then allow the Creator to heal you. You don’t heal a broken heart with an analytical mind.

You heal by doing the inner work and living in the cosmic heart. Then you can surrender it up to the Creator to be fully healed.

This may help on your journey:

I take full responsibility for this experience. I don’t know why this person or situation is this way.  I don’t know exactly why I have created this experience but my higher self does.

As I tap into my wisest self more and more asking for guidance I get more clear on the situation. I choose to clear this from my field.

I wrap myself in a golden light and ask for the Christed Ones to assist me in clearing my energy field of all seen and unseen forces.

With this healing, I can evolve and serve my highest will here. So be it.

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