The Importance of Shadow Work

shadow self

First of all what is the shadow? What is shadow work?

Quite simply put our shadow side is the part of us that often we do not want to see or sit with.

It is the part that many hope to brush off and not have to acknowledge.

Shadow work is means taking time out of your life to integrate these aspects of the self.

It is required work to fully integrate the shadow self in order to get to the other side.

Every part of us including the so called shadow is apart of our whole self and it is valid and it is important and it needs to be seen, heard and integrated for true alignment to occur.

The shadow comes in the form of “dark” emotions that we try to either hide from ourselves or others.

It could be greed, hate, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, sadness etc.

If we are running away from apart of ourselves how do we ever think we will integrate and fully ever be at peace?

It is pretty impossible to ignore certain aspects of ourselves and gain wholeness again.

So what is one to do in order to fully experience the power of these type of emotions and the shadow side?

How do we see the diamond in the shadow? First we have to be honest with ourselves and admit to what we are feeling.

Most pain and illnesses are actually stemming from suppressed emotions.

These ailments started out as an emotion that got stuck in the bio-field then manifested as a sickness.

The more shadow work we do, the more we peel away the layers of hurt, judgement, grief and sorrow to our true essence of love, honor, reverence, respect and innocence.

So let’s go through a process.

First, when one of these emotions comes up it is not time to shove it down and keep it buried away and it is not the time to numb ourselves with mindless activities, shopping or food.

It is time to be with yourself and your emotion.

Sit in quiet silence and feel and be with the emotion.

Let the emotion know you are fully there listening and being with it. Let yourself completely feel what it feels like. And hold deep compassion for yourself.

How does one hold compassion or unconditional love?

In a world of self criticism and self hate it may seem hard.

Some ways to get into this state are to think of someone you love with all your heart.

Then hold that feeling for yourself as you do this. This is just one way but it is a gateway.

You could also charge your food and water with the imprint of unconditional love.

Do this by sending that same energy to what you will consume and let it into your body.

Keep being present to the emotion and maintain an open awareness as much as possible.

This simple act is allowing you to feel more at home in your body, feeling at home, secure and safe is the goal to knowing who you truly are.

You are not running away, but holding deep receptivity to your true nature.

You can be home anywhere when you are at peace with you.

Now ask that emotion when was the last time you felt this way?

So, if you just were triggered recently from something in your  “external” reality let the experience come forth.

Be present to the feelings the event triggered and notice that any others that had a part in this experience  are actor’s in your movie. They are simply messengers of your internal experience.

Now ask yourself, when was the first time you ever felt this feeling?

Let your soul give you the answer, not your mind.

It will surface and you will know at least around what age you were and perhaps where this happened and with whom.

You may not have such detail come thru right away or ever but something will likely be brought to the surface for your observation and integration.

Most of these emotional upsets started before the age of 8 when we were not really in a place to process our emotions in the way we can understand as an adult.

We did not have the innerstanding to let certain things go and see it for what it really was. Hence it carried on into our adult lives and often is playing out like a broken record.

In order to manifest a new, clear, pure vision we have to peel back the onion so that our true self magnetizes this higher vibrational state…the one of innocent perception and self loving respect.

As you go back in time to that event or place…what is your young self asking for?

How could you change the situation into a more fulfilling out come?

What does the child need? A hug, a warm bath, to be comforted, to play to be understood?

Ask it and then give it what it requires in that moment by using your imagination. Be with this process until you feel complete.

When you express your shadow self and then integrate the past into your life you become whole.

Whether an adult in our life played out a role that caused us to feel a certain way we only have to take responsibility for our part in the movie and how we integrate this into our life.

Triggers are here to remind of us of what needs to be worked on, they are truly amazing opportunities for self discovery and deep clues into what you really want to experience in life.

Once you get this down you will begin to invite the shadow and the triggers into your experience because with each one you recognize and integrate the more your true self reveals itself and life becomes better than ever.

Another way to connect with our emotions is to even sit with the positive ones.

We can sometimes self sabotage ourselves by not letting in our positive emotions fully.

Find out why that is by sitting in awareness with these emotions and exploring the inner world more.

Journal work is specifically helpful in integrating all the feeling states.

Start with why you are angry about a certain situation then go into what or who you are resenting and why? You can then go into why it makes you sad, and what you truly want deep down from a pure state.

The point is to get it all out and let all the emotions be seen and heard.

What past experience is triggered from this?

Our wounded child wants to be seen and heard.

Once you go thru shadow emotions than the other side starts to emerge.

What you really want and what the pure aspect of yourself is truly seeking comes forth.

You start to see why these things are here and how they can actually serve your highest good.

This is a way to clear and clean the lense of the soul to seal the matrix and truly live a life worth living.

One where we fully open up to all aspects of ourselves for integration and alignment with the highest self.

With this type of inner work you become more of a vibrational match to your highest self. Enjoy.


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