How Do You Heal Your Gut for Better Health?

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More and more we hear the root issue is to heal your gut.

I think this subject is becoming more and more popular as people learn about the root cause of autoimmune diseases and a whole host of issues they might be having. So how do you heal your guts? 

In a world full of glyphosate round-up and tons of other environmental toxins we need to get serious about an action plan to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

There are many schools of thought on this but you need to do your own research and best of all experience a protocol to know if it works.

Gut healing is not a magic thing that happens in a week. It took years maybe decades to burn holes in the gut letting foreign invaders into areas of the body that should not be there.

And remember the world reflects our inner self. So when you see the chaos out there look inside yourself.

Do you think one week will be all that is needed to heal? No, it will be a lifestyle change over time that gets you there.

Beyond environmental toxins, things like antibiotics, prescription drugs, stress, and heavy metal-laden water can also contribute to a leaky gut.

The other thing is quick fixes can ultimately put major stress on the body or weaken it. We need to be mindful of clearing toxins while still remaining strong in our bodies. 

So How Can You Heal Your Gut?

First, we have to stop what is causing the issue or at least what we can control. Are you still eating non-organic food? Although USDA organic is not bulletproof from pesticides they are not allowed to use glyphosate.

Does some glyphosate get into organic food? I am sure of that, with cross-contamination and chemtrails I don’t think anything is free from getting some environmental residue.

Glyphosate and Pesticides indeed play a role in leaky gut. You can read some medical studies here to corroborate that statement:

What else? Leaky gut can cause lethargy, skin rashes, autoimmune conditions, ulcers, diarrhea, and allergies, and about a dozen other symptoms.

You can learn more about those symptoms here:

So what do you do about it?

Avoid being an extremist. We need to be mindful of our lifestyle and food habits but extremists often do things that damage their guts. Be careful about doing extreme diets and protocols that may do more harm than good.

Next, detoxify your body from parasites, environmental toxins like heavy metals and pesticide residue.

If you don’t think you have these I would seriously do some research as most anyone on the planet today has these. They are everywhere!

So detoxing should be an ongoing journey and a jog, not a sprint. All of the above help contribute to a leaky gut so it is best to be on a program that addresses these factors.

Look for products and supplements that have data supporting their ability to assist your body. I have my trusted sources that provide lab testing and the best judge are your own results.

We want to preserve our vital life force while still getting toxins out.

My favorite detox methods to pull out glyphosate are bioactive carbons like fulvic acids, mineral supplementation which displaces metals and allows the key minerals to take their place. This is preserving your life force while detoxing your body.

For example, if your thyroid doesn’t get proper iodine it will be replaced with heavy metals and now you are set up for issues with your thyroid, yikes!

Check out my book called Detox Your Thyroid Here.

The food in grocery stores is void of many important minerals so how are you getting those minerals to help keep your organs and gut healthy?

We need to remineralize all the time. This also builds life force. Get on quality mineral supplements and take them daily.

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What else can you do to detoxify from pollutants to help your gut? Keep hydrated with clean pure water and eat non-inflammatory whole, living organic foods.

Some vegetables are hard to digest if your gut is already sensitive. This is a great opportunity to blend your food into medicinal soups.

Make sure you clean your vegetables that you bring home from the store. Soak them in purified water, with vinegar or food grade hydrogen peroxide.

North American Herb and Spice used to make a veggie soak liquid with zeolites in it that was very powerful but not sure if they make it anymore.

Let go of sugar and sweets and processed foods that your body sees as foreign invaders and messes up your immune system.

If you want to eat cruciferous veggies for all their nutrients lightly steam them or ferment them into cultured vegetables.

Once you add in the things that help you detoxify you then want to do some healing and sealing of the gut lining.

One of my favorite healing gut elixirs is simply to take a thick piece of whole organic aloe and filet off the skin.

Add this to the blender with some fermented coconut water or plain coconut water. Blend on high.

Then stir in liposomal colostrum. Colostrums nutrients are easily destroyed in a high power blender so just stir this in and consume on empty stomach.

You can also add in L-Glutamine which helps to seal up the gut lining. You can find this amino acid in Body Ecology’s Vitality Super Greens. This powder also has fermented cruciferous vegetables, enzymes and gut supporting nutrients in it.

Lastly consider Coffee enemas, a Liver Detox, Saunas and Exercise to move the lymph and get the liver cleared out. You can check out my coffee enema book here.

Remember to always be building your body. Do not get carried away in detox to the point you become weak.

You need to balance that with mineral intake, building foods, and a healthy balanced whole organic and wild plant-based diet. Let go of the stress and clear out the toxic aspects in your life.

In closing, leaky gut will take time to correct but think of it as a new lifestyle choice not some quick detox routine that may do more harm than good.

If we want to have healthy bodies as we progress in life we need to focus on our gut health. It is here where we uptake nutrients and where our immune system protects us from outside toxins.

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