How Can You Overcome Being Triggered & Stop Feeling Depressed?

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Have you ever been triggered by a person, place or thing? Have you found a successful way to over come being triggered?

In this post I am going to share foundational tools to overcome being triggered.


So what does it mean to be triggered?

To be triggered means someone or something has pulled you out of your center.

It means that you have lost your power in a sense because you are now allowing something “out there” to dictate your mood and emotional sense of well being.

So is the person or situation to blame when you become triggered?

Or is the situation a mirror of an internal program playing out until you change your response to it?

Being Triggered, What’s Really Going On?

Let’s take this a bit deeper. Each of us is playing out a movie of sorts.

We each came here to learn and grow. We came here to evolve as souls.

We are all cells in one body essentially.

The movie playing out in each of our lives is our daily class room. If we do not learn from what we see each day and resolve our “inner stuff”  we will continue to learn the lesson again and again until we do.

Think back to when you were a student in grade school.

If you did not pass the grade you had to repeat it.

In life if you don’t “heal the wound,” or “learn the lesson,” you get to repeat it.

You go on a merry go round and the experience loops over and over.

It plays out with the people, places and events of your unique life.

Inner World

So maybe that was long winded but the answer to the question is the person or situation out there is actually not to blame. It is a mirror of your inner world.

This can be a harsh reality check but see for yourself if you follow these guide lines.

Our first step to overcoming triggers in daily life is to become more still inside.

If we start each day with a simple silent meditation we begin to calm the mind before a trigger even occurs.

We become anchored in our soul consciousness, which is eternally free and peaceful.

What if you don’t have much time in the morning to sit and meditate? You can either get up earlier or just even sit for 5 minutes alone in quiet. Make time to get centered however you choose to do that as it sets the stage for your day.

With that kind of practice you learn to respond instead of reacting to life’s triggers. You become more present and can see the lessons more clearly.

If you are constantly reacting you become the tumbleweed blowing in the wind.

Anchoring yourself in a state of inner strength helps you get rooted.

So when a trigger occurs you have the where with all to take a deep breath and look at the situation first. Otherwise you end up reacting like an animal in fight or flight.

You are a radiant conscious being.

Meditate on that and allow that to permeate your life as your true nature unfolds.

Next ask yourself,  “How am I being this in my own life?”

Whatever just triggered you figure out how you have that inside you.

If you can’t figure it out sit in quiet and ask your higher self and let the words come to you or an image representation show itself. Maybe your higher self will show you the opposite of the negative trait.

For example if you see someone completely in ego maybe it is telling you to gain more humility.

Gain awareness at this stage and forgive yourself for making yourself go through that. When we realize we are the creator’s doing this to ourselves we can learn to ask for forgiveness and transformation.

I realize that in some moments you won’t be in a position to do this.  Say you are in the middle of a speech and you can’t just stop and go through this process.

If you can’t do it in the moment at first, make time to go over it later in solitude.

Again whatever triggers you it probably doesn’t feel so great so apologize to yourself for creating the situation.

Make amends inside and anchor in a new way of being in these situations. Make forgiveness a priority.

One of the best feeling states is that of compassion and empathy.

If you can learn to embody that feeling state for yourself and others you can transform triggers. Practice it when triggered and when not so it becomes your steady state.

Maybe you don’t really remember what compassion feels like. In that case I encourage you to meditate on compassion and empathy. Recall a time you did feel that way and make that memory an anchor emotion for use in these situations.

Realize others are playing out insecurities and issues too, until they make resolve inside. This outlook can assist you to learn mercy, compassion and empathy. You to have likely been in their shoes, hence the mirror of what you are seeing.

If we want our movie to change for the better we have to do our own inner work and then the world out there changes.

Once we make the changes inside, our outer worlds will shift. The person may no longer be in your life or they may just seem different or your view of the situation has now changed and you don’t get triggered.

Remember the technique of Emotional Freedom or E.F.T.. If the above process is not something you can do fall back on E.F.T. as your guide.

Triggers can be tough because we may feel hurt, or sad, or angry or irritated. But if we realize it all comes down to our own self growth it actually makes it easier. We don’t have to worry about the outside circumstances as it is up to our own inner work to see change.

If you are committed to a life of truth and expansion you will do the inner work and over come the triggers one by one. You will see them each as a great opportunity to make life great again. So be it.

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