Green Alkalizing Pizza

This pizza happened by the Grace of God! Honestly I just looked around at what I had in the kitchen and this happened. FullSizeRender-1-1 You will need a dehydrator for the vegetable flax crust or the sun’s rays if hot enough will make the crust perfect and super charge it! The Crust is crucial with flax seeds for fiber and omega 3’s (as most people have way too much omega 6) and i put things like broccoli in the pizza crust..which often is touted as “bad” to eat raw so I break it down to get the idol 3 carbonic in my body to clean out xenon-estrogen. Its a perfect balance of incorporating these types of veggies like kale too. However we do not compromise the cell integrity by over heating or cooking.

Here Goes:
Soak Flax seeds for 6-8 hours in clean water

Next add 2 or 3 cups of the flaxseeds to the food processor and add in the following:

Handful Chopped, Dandelion Greens
1 broccoli stalk chopped
3 or 4 heirloom tri-color carrots
1/2 a red bell pepper
1/2 small onion
A few garlic cloves
A pinch or two of premiere pink salt
A few good doses of your favorite Oil, I like pumpkin seed or hemp right now. Olive oil reminds me way too much of my liver flushes:0

Pulse this together and create a doughy mixture.

Place on dehydrator sheets at 120 over night. The next day you have your pizza crust. Now make home made guacamole.

2 avocados
Fresh squeezed lemon
Pink Salt
Hot peppers can be minced in for added benefits of circulation and cleaning the blood.

Mash well and spread on the pizza crust.

Next top with the following:

Sliced Jalapenos
Nori Sheets cut up small and/or pulse flakes from a reputable source
Fresh cut watercress and micro greens

Its super yummy, clean, simple and satisfying.

Lots of love!

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