Epic Salad Recipe


Last night’s salad though. I actually made it for lunch and then since it was so good, I hit the repeat button and made it again for dinner.

A really good salad starts with the base. If your greens are not fresh and full of life force you will feel something is lacking. You find that often in store bought boxed lettuces. They just don’t have that mana or life force as much as something fresh from the farmer or out in the wild.

Lately,  I have access to such wonderful greens because spring is in full swing. Frisee, arugula, red leaf lettuces, fresh herbs like dandelion or parsley add a medicinal aspect to a salad. Then the toppings give it texture, color and bursts of flavor.

For this one I used Fresh organic snap peas, heirloom corn on the cob and heirloom tomatoes to take this salad to the next level. Then the dressing, oh so on point and really I was just mixing lots of different things, not really too concerned with the hodge podge I was throwing together…little did  I know a masterpiece would be born.

Here goes:

Fresh lettuce clippings from the local market. Add these into a large bowl. For me these were pre-cleaned and cut up. Next I added a bit of red leaf lettuce so I cleaned and chopped that into the mix.

1 large heirloom tomato chopped

1 handful of snap peas chopped

1 cob of corn fresh (heirloom) – take a knife and cut the corn off the cob right into salad

1  ripe reed avocado – put slices of avocado in your salad

1/4 cup fresh slices of daikon

Spirulina (optional for garnish)

Sauerkraut (serve on the side)



In a nutri-bullet add the following:

1/4 piece of a small green apple chopped

1 tbs sprouted almond butter

A generous pour of hemp oil (flax oil would also work)

2 tbs Nutritional yeast (premier research labs brand)

A few shakes of balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon Miso Paste (south river chick pea miso is my favorite)

1 fresh clove of garlic

Blend this well and pour onto your salad. Toss so that all the dressing coats the lettuce and make more if you need to!


Enjoy this most epic salad with your loved ones. Thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard, it’s so nice to have you.


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