Body Ecology Blender Ice Cream Recipe

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Wow friends! I have been wanting to come up with the most Epic Body Ecology Blender Ice Cream Recipe that was both nutrient rich and healthy for the gut and immune system and this is the one! I hope you will love it just as I have. It is rich in healthy fats to nourish your brain, this ice cream will feed the evolved bacteria of your second brain, your gut. It is very enjoyable too as the taste is especially creamy and yummy. So here goes……

Serves 2

You will need a Vita Mix Blender and the plunger that it comes with.

2-3 cups of spring water ice cubes

1 rounded tablespoon of Ancient Organics Ghee

1 scoop Body Ecology Products Body Ecology Eco Bloom – feeds the good guys, improves bowels and liver function

A long pour of XCT oil by Bullet Proof or another good organic mct oil will do, I just happened to get XCT b/c it was on sale at Shop n Kart in Oregon.

2 – 3 tablespoons of Lakanto (use the one that looks like brown sugar for this recipe – this is not sugar, this is monk fruit and won’t feed the candida or unhealthy microbes)

6 scoops of Bullet Proof Whey Protein unflavored (again I got this in Ashland at a great price but get whey protein from pasture raised cows is the key). This whey formula has collagen I believe as well.

1 scoop of dandy blend

Mash and blend it all together so it creams well. Also add cacao nibs if you like or just leave it with out any caffeine and leave out the cacao all together.


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