Divine Relations & Lineage Prayer & Affirmation

divine relations prayer

Invoke divine relations, tap into the sacred lineage codes of your ancestors. Affirmations and prayers for your ancestral matrix coding.

Best times to affirm are the ambrosial hours and sunset hours honoring the Sun.

Divine Relations Prayer

I am Debra (Spiritually known as Dodhisattva)  and  nicknamed Dodee at a very young age. Dodee means a well loved gift from God. Debra a messenger of God.

I was given the name Prithi Kaur through my Kundalini Yoga Lineage line…it means,

The Lioness of Continuous Love.

I am the daughter of Linda Kathleen Soose and Joseph William Schmitt III

I am the Grand Daughter of Florence Anna Mae Grant and Harry Jon Soose

I am the Grand Daugher of Geraldine Louise Han “Roonie” and Joseph William Schmitt II

I am the Great Granddaughter of  Mary Magdeline Uhler and James O’Grant

I am the Great Granddaughter of  Catherine Mihlfreid and John Soose

I am Great Granddaughter of ______________ and Sylvan Han

Great Granddaughter of Anna Rapaski “Nana” and Joseph William Schmitt I

I recognize and hold reverence for all my lineage and ancestors.

I allow them to speak and communicate with me in pure, wise & sacred ways.

This includes the great spirits and sages of this land, the trees,  the plants, the crystals, the four directions and all my relations past, present and future. May the Living Library share its wisdom all ways.

Our names and the meanings behind them hold sacred codes for us to innerstand. My name Debra comes from the Great Prophetess of the God of the Israelites.  A great counselor, warrior and wife of Lapidoth. She was a female Prophetess mentioned in the bible as her great courage and feats against the King of Canaan were recognized.

Debra is also Hebrew and means Bee ~ Fertility and The Honey or Nectar of LIFE. I say YES.

Ceremony for Ancestral Healing

Recently I attended a beautiful sister ceremony in a sensitive location not far from my home in Southern California. I was graced with the presence of many beautiful  sisters. 

We held ceremony from evening into the next morn as we sat by the fire, shared story, sang hymns, icara’s and songs of the Most High. 

We were adorned in holy water’s, danced, played guitars, drums, harmonicas and flutes. 

We were given the blessings to go forth in this world empowering the female collective consciousness.  

I shed tears of my own and those of the collective female pain body. As these warrior tears were shed a cleansing occurred and we birthed a new day and a new way of being.  

As each sister was given some sacred tobacco to symbolize things to dissolve and let go of we each had an opportunity to throw these leaves into the flames;  washing away the sorrows and pains and birthing our brand new intentions. 

I asked to speak my truth from a place of compassion and authenticity in all my relations. It is now so. Thank you, thank you, thank you Great Wise Spirit.

Spend time with your family, your tribe, your sisters and your brothers. Get to know them and honor them as you do yourself.  

Create your pure intentions and allow them to be heard. 

I and I are one in the same. We are all One.  I forgive myself,  I forgive us. I am free, we are free.

Honor Your Lineage

 I am here to inspire and uplift and assist those interested to master the Art of Living; to raise the spirits of those around me. 

I have compassion for us and I honor my name and lineage.  

I hold great reverence for us as we journey through this time and space healing and birthing a new earth.

What is your lineage? Where do you come from? And what does your name mean? I invite you to share in the comments below and rejoice in your magnificence.

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    1. Greetings Cindy, I am confident if you do a google search on, “what is my name meaning and origin?” the right site will show you itself. I did just that and really resonated with what I found. I am excited for you to delve into that. I am pretty sure Cindy is Greek and it means Moon. That is very profound as the moon is our teacher in so many ways. Bless us Cindy! Sat Nam Ji (true identity soul).

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