Create a Healthy Gut with Soil Organisms

soil based organisms

How can you create a healthy gut like your ancestors had?

Through ingesting  Soil Organisms we are able to re-establish a healthy gut micro-biome by nurturing our own gut soil.  In the last 100 years we have depleted our earth’s soil based organisms through modern farming practices and a slew of chemicals, pesticides and round up.

First thing I noticed upon taking  quality soil based organisms was a slight consciousness shift. As these bacteria innoculate the soil in the gut micro biome it creates immune shifts and alterations in your brain’s neural networks.

In my opinion we gain wisdom from the ancient lineage where these sbo’s come from. We are able to tune into the frequency of strength, courage and power.

These sbo’s are intelligent bacteria that will help build immunity by assisting the body create a heartier immune response.

What is interesting is that our gut biome contains 99% more genetic material that is actually not of human origin. We are literally made up of bacteria, so lets make this bacteria be the rich, intelligent, wise and hearty bacteria of our ancestral matrix.

Scientific research tells us that these SBO’s are an essential aspect of a healthy, whole being. If you want to heal a leaky gut, over come systemic infections or heal an auto-immune condition start by repopulating your gut with soil based organisms.

These sbo’s have a way of communicating to one another helping with hormone production, metabolic regulation and optimal communication pathways through out the body.

An intelligent calm sense of knowing ultimate comes about through consuming these wise microbes. I hope you will discover for yourself how you can create a healthy gut with soil based organisms.

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