Creamy Colostrum Bark

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Ghee Or Grass Fed Butter


Fresh Ground Vanilla Bean


Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

Stevia or Xylitol

Organic or Wild Strawberries (or other berry of choice)

Upgrade the Recipe: By adding Pearl Powder. Pearl is a shen tonic that uplifts the spirit while being an anti-aging tonic b/c of its’ ability to heal the skin. Pearl is abundant in key minerals and is helpful in activating SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity in the body. Add in a few teaspoons when you add in the other powders. This will provide more minerals to your bark and provide a glow to your skin.  Purchase pearl powder from Dragon Herbs or contact me for great prices on premium grade tonic herbs.

In a glass pot or other heat safe pot melt Ghee on the lowest setting or you could use Grass Fed Butter in place of the Ghee.  Next line a glass container with parchment paper and set aside.

Add in either liquid stevia to the ghee/butter or grind xylitol down to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.  Sweeten to your liking. This is an individual preference.

Some companies offer Grass Fed Whey already sweetened with Stevia like One World Whey. You might try that and omit the step of adding your own stevia/xylitol.

We use these sweeteners instead of other choices like maple, honey or coconut sugar to stop from feeding unfriendly microbes, infections and viruses in the body. Today our bodies are bombarded with all kinds of outside toxins, it’s up to us to stop feeding the infections/viruses and keep our diet clean and nourishing at our best.

Next add in the mct oil and gently stir in colostrum and whey, put enough powder in to make it creamy and rich. Sprinkle in the vanilla bean powder and top with cut up pieces of strawberries or other favorite low glycemic berry. Put in freezer to set, once it has hardened cut into pieces and enjoy!

The colostrum is a healing substance and when bought from a reputable source is a clean, healing food for the gut and provides the body with immunoglobulins for transport to various areas of the body. Colostrum downloads information to our immune system and gives it the ability to decipher between normal tissue and abnormal tissue. It raises the intelligence of our immune systems.

For fun I have added this picture of myself and Tyler back a few years ago when Organic Pastures was still allowed to sell Raw Organic Liquid Colostrum!!!!!! Yay!

Colostrum in Malibu
The Malibu Kitchen with Colostrum

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