Consider The Present Moment

In the stillness of the present moment we have the power to transform our inner and outer world.

When we look at challenges in our day to day life we can see that they are related to past or future never the present moment.

The mind keeps most individuals in an enslaved state of the past or the future.

The constant mind chatter that goes on in the mind is exactly what I am speaking of.

Most of Western Society is consumed by mind chatter and we allow it to be our identity.

This is the false self, our true self abides in the ever present now free of the illusion. The famous Sage, Eckart Tolle gives rise to this subject in his book, “The Power of Now.”

Negativity and Suffering have their roots in time. Freedom and Liberation have their roots in the present moment.

How often is your mind controlling your moment to moment experience?

Ask yourself in each moment that you are not sure, “How do I feel right now?”

Do I have an undercurrent of ease and joy? Or do I have an under current of dis-ease and anxiety?

When we can be aware of the thinker inside ourselves we begin to become conscious.

We are now able to witness the chatter of our minds.

This is a huge step in living in the present moment.

Time is an illusion, it is not a philosophical statement but one of truth.

We only have the present moment. Our fears and judgements live in the past and future.

When we fully accept the present moment transformation occurs on a deep level within our psyche.

No criticism, unease, tension, negativity, fear or grief can penetrate it.

The more moments we are fully in the now the more the field around us becomes stronger, we grow in presence power.

Consider saying to yourself often, ” I accept this moment fully.”

This affirmation snaps you into the present moment because with acceptance and surrender we give power to the now and not the mind.

In the present moment we are able to fully act with clarity and often our actions are much more deliberate, efficient and effective.

Some might argue that even in the present moment life “problems” exist.

The truth is the time bound mind itself is the “problem.”   The attachment to the dead past and the imagined future is the under lying challenge.

Resistance is what keeps us stuck in the past.

We hold resentment about our life situation not our life. Our life is here NOW in this moment. “Do you have any problems here in this moment?” No, it is your life situation that holds the problems and they are in the past or the imagined future.

Deal with your life situation appropriately or Accept it. We always have a choice.

All it takes is for us to make the choice to stop causing ourselves pain or struggle any more.

With this comes increased immunity in ourselves. We are no longer polluting our own inner world and then we no longer pollute another’s world.  We have the choice to either:

1.  Accept it.

2. Remove Ourselves from it.

3. Or we Can Change it.

As we become more present to our life we can see the beauty in it and in those things around us. Life becomes a stream of conscious living and one that fulfills human desire for inner prosperity. This prosperity is the most profound prosperity one can achieve in this lifetime.

I pray for you the reader that you may experience internal prosperity now.

Every Moment, Precious Moment. ~

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