How To Clear Acne Naturally

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This topic is something I experienced first hand as a teenager and young adult. In this post I will share ways to clear acne naturally from inside out.

Most dermatologists offer topical antibiotic creams and gut destroying pills that often do more harm than good. Unfortunately this was my story as a young adult growing up.  Each time I would go back to the Doctor he would prescribe some other cream or pill that only suppressed the acne but did not get to the root cause. Further more these drugs kill the good bacteria in the gut.

To clear acne naturally we need to start from inside and work our way outside to the actual epidermis or skin layer. It is a holistic journey that starts in the gut biome.

We must employ the natural Doctors from the elements.

First things first fresh clean air, mild sunlight and  clean water are the foundation to healthy skin, these elements are your natural Doctors. This may sound to simple but yet how many people actually bathe their lungs in fresh clean air daily get  mild sunlight on the skin receptors to uptake vitamin D creating strong immune system? I remember when I started seeing my skin clear up and it was after I moved to Sunny Southern California and was running along the water daily.

The suns rays can lightly be an anti-microbial agent and clear infection when interaction is brief and wise. This type of interaction means covering delicate areas of the skin, refraining from staring directly at the sun when its potent and bright and using non toxic sunblock from plants not tubes with chemicals. Synthetic sunblocks enhance acne, bad bacteria and other diseases.

Consider a natural sunblock like aloe vera gel or Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Living Libations.

Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day. Make sure your water is from a clean source. Most tap water is a toxic pool of drugs, heavy metals, unfriendly bacteria and radioactive yuck. I recommend spring water that has been checked for contamination or distilled water adding back in minerals from Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

Did you know that your body has 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells? This suggests we are mostly bacteria. This is our first clue as to how to clear acne naturally.

Tip: Start to nourish and feed your body with health friendly bacteria. These are the evolving bacteria that help clear acne naturally and develop radiant skin from the inside out.

Consider a probiotic supplement to re-establish gut health. See how your body feels on fermented foods such as kimchi, coconut water kefir and cultured coconut yogurt.

Things that destroy the good bacteria are antibiotics, birth control and sugar laden foods, rancid oils and highly heated cooked foods. Birth control also diminishes your bodies natural ability to create progesterone which is  a key hormone for a healthy mood.

Birth control also makes women vitamin b6 dependent. (B6 is important to keep bile salts in suspension in the gallbladder and contributes to the health and sheen of the hair and skin).

Nourish yourself with whole plant based nutrition and eat the rainbow.

We also want to move the lymph system to encourage detoxification and we do this through exercise. Of course my favorite way to do this is skin brush with essential oils,  rebounding and the chi machine. I also love a good walk in the woods.

Acne is an infection somewhere deeper in the body, not on the surface. It comes out the skin because it is a way for the body to clear itself of these infectious pathogens. If you want to use a natural anti-biotic from nature, try Oregabiotic by North American Herbs & Spice. This is the most potent wild crafted natural infection healer out there with sage oil and oregano.

Other ways to cleanse the body of infections like acne is to consider a colon cleanse and liver flush. The liver is the organ that processes all the toxins coming in.  It is helpful to clear the liver in order to make progress clearing the skin.

When we re-establish the microbiome with  hydration, whole foods, friendly bacteria, gentle sun rays, fresh air and movement we create an epigenetic shift, we change the environment of the cells.

Our attitude and outlook about shifting our current state to one of health and clear skin must be the way we root ourselves every day upon rising. Gentle reminders could be placed around the home to remember your true worth, and that this is a temporary mask.

Ultimately deep down the root cause is a distorted belief about ourselves  that is not in alignment with your true value and nature.  So let go of these old limited beliefs and realize you are worth your desires of clear skin.

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