Cleaning Out The Soul For Real Health

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Most people assume that just a diet change will reverse a condition, balance out hormones or whatever the ailment might be.

I talked to a woman yesterday in the U.K. for a Skype consultation and she is in a serious situation as far as her health.

To really heal, the soul wants acknowledgement.

First off the connection to the Grace of God must be present. A superficial connection won’t do hear, it must be from the heart.

We must take time to get still and humble ourselves to this unseen presence. Start with simple breath work:

Sit comfortably and begin with 8 seconds to breathe in.
8 seconds hold.
8 seconds out.
8 seconds hold.

And repeat until you allow the grace in. If you are with someone else that might be helping you along, look deeply into their eyes.

The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul.

Once the presence is felt start forgiving and letting go.

Surrender your burdens to God, Divine Light, to the One. Be humble and realize in our limited physical form we are nothing without being supercharged by the True Essence Behind the Movie.

Forgive, forgive and keep forgiving for yourself, your family, your lineage line, and for all those that will come after you.

We have a major responsibility to our soul brothers and sisters in this life time. Start in this moment to clear the path and watch the magic unfold. If you need help here go back to the post where I share Howard Wills Prayers. Use these as a place to begin.

Once your battery pack is charged life becomes easier. You have more energy, more clarity, more peace and more freedom. This is the foundation for health in the physical body.

If patterns continue that do not serve your highest expression snap yourself out of it with movement(the principle shared in Emotional Freedom Technique). Even a loud clap will do as you repeat: Even though I am …….doing this certain thing, I still deeply love and accept my whole self. Get the stagnant energy out of the body.

Here is an example:

Last night I allowed myself to be triggered by another person (for my growth and expansion).

Being triggered means an event or a person/situation pulls you out of the grace and back into the ego’s wounded self. Usually taking on either one of these archetypes:

1. The Wounded Child
2. The Victim
3. The Prostitute
4. The Saboteur

I went to the grocery store and saw a person I hadn’t seen in a while. Being in their field made my stomach feel upset and I was either taking on some of their thoughts, sharing in some karma or offering myself an opportunity to apply my knowledge.

So after the encounter I got in the car and imagined myself free and unaffected by the energy shift. It didn’t work, my stomach still felt acidic. So I asked for forgiveness next, I asked for God’s help to release this and forgive myself and the other person and for any hurts we had caused one another knowingly or unknowingly.

Next I went home and danced it out. Yes I did. I turned on my dance/workout video and favorite music and let the energy flow out through my down load points (palms and feet) and allowed spirit to dance through me. I smiled as God released the energy and carried me into peace and freedom.

The point is clean up your energy as quickly as you can other wise disease will manifest in the body. We are made of energy and light. Things can not stick to light unless we forget who we really are. Its a continual process to reform and clear our light body but it’s well worth it. Its our self mastery, our work here on the earth. We must maintain and keep this up to be kept up. Breathe in the gratitude.

Lastly, stop caring what other people think about you. What matters is your life and your path/purpose. The most important thing is that we are all under the same roof, the stars. We are under God’s umbrella, all of us.

Let people do what they want and love them any way. Your life is your life. As long as you are connected to this unseen web and you are living your authentic expression & mission in the world you are loved and appreciated and in service to the One. The right people, places and situations always finds you.

As he loves all of his creations so will he love us through out eternity.

Nurture this connection in order to cultivate real power and real connections in your life.

Sending you Love and Blessings from Mount Shasta. >>>>

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