Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce for Avalanche Ice Cream

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I found this recipe while I was watching a Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe video. If you have ever been to Erewhon in Hollywood you know there is a wonderful tonic bar. They make ice cream that is packed with nutrition and is so delicious. You need a high quality blender like the blend tec or vita mix to make it and you will need the plunger that is bought separately.

Any way I made the chocolate sauce topping today to test it out and WOW..its incredible. My nephew Beau loved it, as you can see;)

So here is the recipe below:

Super Rich Galactic Chocolate Sauce by Truth Caulkins

5 tbs. cacao powder

5 tbs. tocotreniols

2 tbs. udo’s dha oil -(I use coconut oil) you could use flax too. Make sure it is unrefined and cold pressed.

4-6 squirts chocolate stevia (use less if you like it a bit bitter like me)

2 oz. gynostemma tea nice and hot..chocolate sauce is served warm over the avalanche ice cream.

Mix these together and enjoy. I actually just had mine with some cultured almond coconut yogurt and it was the bomb! I think Beau would agree:)




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