Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Here is my take on one of the best, nutritious chocolate chip cookies ever. They can be made “Raw” (by using the dehydrator) or choose to use the oven on a 300/325 low setting.

They are sugar and nut free making them body ecology & keto approved. They are nut free and gluten free, keeping the omega 3 balance healthful and not to worry about mold-rancidity from nuts. They are also rich in healthy fats.

Here goes……

You will Need:

1/4 cup healthy fat – I use half coconut oil and half Ancient Organics Ghee  (for those whom don’t know Ghee is Clarified Butter..there is no lactose and the proteins have been removed). It’s caramel like in flavor.

1/3 cup Cacao Nibs ( I hand peel my cacao to ensure they are fresh, it’s a bit of work but for me it’s worth it)

1/4 cup Non-Gmo 100% Birch Wood Xylitol  ( A Natural non Glycemic load sugar alternative:)

Try Lakanto or whatever sweetener you feel great about….perhaps you LOVE Maple Syrup.

1/3 cup Coconut Flour

2 pastured eggs

Optional: Add Maca Powder or your favorite Superfood or Tonic Herb powder…for each Tablespoon added, increase the fat so that the texture is stiff but moist.

Hand peel the cacao and set the dehydrator at 200* or 325 on the oven. Keep the oven setting low so you keep the nutrients intact at your best. Cooking destroys enzymes/nutrients. Invest in a dehydrator.

Mix all the ingredients except cacao in a bowl and stir well. Add cacao at the end. Take a Tablespoon  and make small scoops to place on parchment paper or on dehydrator sheet.

I bake for 7 minutes or so and dehydrate for several hours. Just watch to see the consistency you desire.

These bake quick.  Serve with your favorite herbal tonic, single origin coffee or a lemonade:) Cheers!


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